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Bringing Back the Love of Travel

Advisor Spotlight

Meet Ian, Our January Advisor

Ian’s travel career began over 35 years ago working for an international airline. Learning the inner workings of the industry while becoming an enthusiastic world traveler, Ian brought his passion for travel to Tangerine Travel.

Ian is an expert in luxury travel design and offers the most exceptional travel concierge service. Whether it’s coordinating a European river cruise, destination wedding, customizing a sports adventure, or organizing entertainment/fashion-related travel; Ian is committed to seamless luxury travel.

Ian’s clients appreciate his commitment to confidentiality and his ability to tailor travel plans to fit their needs. Please allow Ian to create a custom itinerary tailored to you and discover your inner Marco Polo.

Ian's Seychelles Journey

The Seychelles consist of a series of islands located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa.

Since I had eleven nights in the Seychelles, I split up my time between three different islands (Mahe, Felicite Island, and Praslin).

I recommend taking a boat over to La Digue for a day trip. You will find bicycles are a popular mode of transportation on La Digue with numerous vendors at the ferry jetty renting bikes by the hour or for the day.

The Seychelles are an excellent place to view large fruit bats with a wingspan of over three ft.

Although travel to Seychelles might be considered a luxury, it is without question a spectacular destination. The Seychelles islands are filled with physical beauty—distinctive granite rock formations, white-sand beaches, and clear blue waters.

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