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Corporate Meetings & Events

A seamless experience!

Our events and technology teams are ready to assist you planning and organizing your in-person, virtual, and hybrid corporate events.

From beginning to end, we will work with your team to develop your event to reach and deliver your business goals.

Sourcing Event Venue

Provide a fulfilling onsite event experience with your perfect destination and venue hand-picked by our expert sourcing team.

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Creating Event Registration and Hub

In-person, virtual or hybrid event experience starting with registration and a personalized website.

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Survey & Reports

Collect rich digital data through customizable surveys and reports, including attendee engagement scoring, web analytics, dynamic feedback, and more.

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Booking Air travel & Managing Room Block

Our travel advisors will coordinate your hotel and air travel booking to wherever and whenever you would like to go.

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Live Video & Editing

However you decide to present your event - live or on demand - we will direct and record your speakers to provide your attendees the best experience.

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Branded, Measurable, and Engaging Virtual Events

One Platform, Many Benefits

The Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub® provides all the tools you need to deliver a consistent and fully branded virtual experience – a single platform for your entire virtual event lifecycle:

Powerful event marketing automation

Virtual, hybrid, and in-person event data

Cvent Salesforce App

Deliver immersive, interactive content live or on-demand to any user, on any device, anywhere in the world

Enable high value conversations through one-on-one connections or shared experiences

Collect rich digital data, including attendee engagement scoring, session and web analytics, and dynamic feedback surveys


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