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Our consultants have an average of 20 years of experience in the travel industry. All are avid travelers; much of their knowledge and that 'human touch' service is derived from their personal experience.



have created a vibrant, exciting, hard-working culture and can confidently say our team is composed of the most incredible travel consultants that will ensure a seamless travel experience. 

Our emotional investment in travel gives Tangerine the edge when it comes to ensuring a stress-free, everything-you-could-have-possibly-wanted travel experience!

All of our travel consultants — Personal, Corporate, Luxury and Meetings and Events — are eager and excited to get to know you and help coordinate your travel to any destination.



“When I founded Tangerine Travel, in 1988, my goal was to create a top-of-the-line, world-class service that provided the finest travel experiences at the best value. But that wasn't all — I had years of travel experience already and the thing I noticed sorely lacking in the travel agency industry was a personal touch.


I decided Tangerine Travel was going to provide a genuine, refreshing human touch to all of our services. I want to give my clients a personal attention at any time day or night, giving you the finest travel experience and the best value.


And that is exactly what I built!


From the moment you step through our doors you will experience a refreshing difference that is not found among other travel agencies.”


Angie Lepley, Founder and CEO

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