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Africa on the Wish List?

Journey with us as we learn more about Rene's African Safari

In the past few years you may have started a travel wish list. The world is an amazing place and we want to help celebrate travel with you by sharing some highlights on trips we have had the opportunity to take.

Rene, one of our amazing travel advisors, has been a travel professional for 35 years spending 18 of those here with Tangerine. She is a corporate advisor and has a robust knowledge of both domestic and international travel. Her clients and travelers always miss her if she takes a vacation!

We are delighted to share some insight to her African Safari trip. Thanks Rene, for taking a few minutes to share your photos and some excellent information.


We asked Rene a few questions about her trip. Join us as we learn more about the journey.

How far in advance did you book your trip?
Rene: Two Months, and booked Kenya

I think I know the answer to this one but what was your most favorite activity?
Rene: We went on a Safari!

Anything you might want to share about packing or another helpful tip?
Rene: Pack light, Safari wear, comfortable clothing, bug spray, scarves, sunscreen


"I was lucky enough to visit this sanctuary. They do wonderful work for orphaned elephants"


Where did you stay?
Rene: Loisaba, Amboseli, and Masai Mara

Most memorable moments?
Rene: Safari game drives, Elephant sanctuary, beautiful tented camps, listening to wildlife, viewing the most beautiful sunsets

Family friendly?
Rene: I’d suggest taking young adults to gain knowledge of Africa

Must do/see/eat?
Rene: Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary, visiting a village in Masai Mara

Have any tips for travelers preparing to go back to travel?
Rene: Read up on Kenya, go with a reputable company like Micato who are experts when it comes to luxury travel to Africa. For every Micato Safari that's confirmed, they send a child to school. It's a beautiful thing. Our leisure team can help!

How was the flight?
Rene: Very long flight so if you want to be the most comfortable as possible – book Business class.

Have a travel gadget that you bring on your trips?
Rene: Bring a book, pillow, and patience.


"Trip of a lifetime for sure."



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