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Why Is There a Charge If I Cancel My Hotel?

With more people traveling for business this year than in recent years, our travelers are encountering new, more restrictive, and highly enforced cancellation policies at hotels.

Don’t let a cancel fee impact your plans and your budget!

Why is this occurring and how can you avoid these fees that, at one time, were easy to have “waived” prior to COVID?

As you might imagine and have heard about more than you probably would care to, the hotels were highly impacted by the pandemic and are struggling to get back to normal operations. Many hotels had to temporarily close their doors or reduce their staff. The ones that remained open have had to implement strict health and safety protocols, which have added extra costs. Overall, it has been a challenging time for the hospitality industry. They not only have to make every penny count, but also must gain our travelers’ trust once more. This means they cannot be as flexible as they once were with their cancellation policies and fees.

In 2023, many hotels have implemented policies that do not allow late cancellations. This is due to the increased demand for hotel rooms and the need for hotels to maximize their revenue. Late cancellations often result in empty rooms that could have been sold to other guests. To avoid losses, hotels now require guests to cancel within a certain timeframe or face a penalty fee. While this may be inconvenient for some travelers, it allows hotels to better manage their inventory and provide better service to their guests.

Travelers should pay close attention to cancellation terms and conditions because unexpected events can happen that may require them to cancel or reschedule their travel plans. Without understanding the cancellation policies of airlines, hotels, and tour operators, travelers may end up losing their money or facing hefty fees. It is important to read and understand the terms and conditions before booking any travel arrangements to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Here are a few key points to help avoid cancellation fees:

  1. Utilize preferred hotels where possible. Many offer a bit more flexibility on cancellation penalties.

  2. When booking, avoid prepaid rooms. Although they “appear” less expensive, many require full payment up front and if you need to change plans will not refund you if cancelled.

  3. Read those terms prior to clicking on the booking app. Once you’ve clicked through the hotel, many hotels book right away which can be an issue if you decide you do not want to finalize your entire booking.

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