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Travel Manager's Corner

February, 2022

Corporate travel and your new and diverse team!

Having a diverse and new workforce is a major goal for many companies big and small. When it comes to travel, our goal is to keep you informed on how to support that workforce in the air and on the ground. Imagine if your team knew they had an extended arm of support anytime when they are away from their homes and office. We’ve brought on some exceptional tools that can help your team avoid emergencies and if necessary, track and contact your travelers in case of a disaster or other major event.

Here are a few key things your travelers may want to consider when planning their trips.

o Hotel Safety

When planning a trip your team may want to understand the type of hotel they are staying in regards to safety and security. Something as simple as how other patrons, or non-patrons for that matter, can access the sleeping room area of the property. Do they require key access on stairways and elevators? If the room access is from outside or enclosed? If the rooms are generally in a secure area is a key to keeping them safe.

o Rental v Uber

When traveling your team will probably be deciding between a rental or a rideshare service. Travelers should consider a few areas that can affect their safety and overall experience. Guiding them to consider their safety as a key component in decision making should be an item in your general travel policy. While price and convenience are always important, they may want to consider the area they are traveling to. Will the hotel have ample parking in well lit areas? Does the traveler know the area? Are they comfortable driving at night when they might be arriving? Regarding booking rideshares such as Uber or Lyft, it’s important to know that while they are very convenient there can be some cause of concern. If they book using a personal application, then being able to track their whereabouts can be a challenge. Additionally, they should be 100% sure the driver they have booked is the driver that has arrived. It’s recommended to check the name, car type and the license plate. It is suggested that you confirm their drivers name as well. As they enter the rideshare they can ask “your name please?” so they are able to check against their confirmation from the ride share app for accuracy.

o Checking your travel itinerary within 24hrs of booking and why?

Our team is amazing and is recognized often for its excellent customer service. But, keep in mind that misunderstandings can happen. The good news is that most issues are easily corrected if we spot them early! Have your team commit to checking their travel itineraries within 24hr of receiving. This way, if they spot anything inaccurate a quick call to us can usually correct and the traveler will experience that seamless travel experience, we dream of for them!

o Booking through your Travel Management Company – keeping track of your travelers.

As noted earlier, you and your Executives can help support the safety of all your travelers if using a preferred Travel Management Company. For example, you may have some new employees. When you work with a TMC new to you employees can speak to or book easily within policy and also experience superior support if an issue arises during their trip. When they utilize other resources to book, it can be a huge burden if there are travel issues. Not only that, but your travelers should also understand that safety is top of mind and your safety team will want to know how and where to reach them if an event occurs that can impact their travel whether it be something that could cause them access to their flights or hotel or overall safety. If they book outside of policy or the TMC, this may be very difficult to accomplish, and employees can possibly get stranded without the support of a TMC to get them home safe.

As a Travel Management Company that has been delivering superior service and technology for over 30 years, we are ready to get you and the team you have traveling in a safe, well-informed, way that will help your bottom line as well as help retain your travelers by supporting your culture and being there for them 24/7.

Find out more about our Safety Tools by contacting your account manager or email

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