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"Exploring the Latest Innovations in Concur Evolution News"

Product Updates Are Here!

All Accounts will be opted-in by April 25*

We are very excited about the new Concur T2 travel tool. It's more dynamic and provides a smoother and more convenient booking tool option. Concur has updated its web and app interfaces, which makes this a great overall upgrade to the booking experience.

Additionally, once T2 is rolled out to your teams (if applicable), you will then have access to multi-channel airfares such as the NDC fares that many airlines have been releasing. Tangerine Travel will automatically add these fare types to your profile, so it will be available for your travelers to see and book.

Note: some NDC fares may have more restrictive rules so travelers and travel managers should consider these rules on each flight reservation.

All Accounts will be opted-in by April 25*

CONCUR T2 Details


It's important to note that not all accounts will have access to T2 initially, based on a number of criteria. More information can be shared by your Account Manager. Here is the official Q1 notice for your reference, plus, we've noted some highlights below.

If you would like a demo prior to opting your organization into the T2 experience, please contact your Account Manager. There may be some slight changes on how hotels are noted as preferred and other rule adjustments. We would be happy to review your account and identify any significant changes for you.

What’s new in Concur Travel?

The Q1 release of the evolution of Concur Travel is live and ready for you to experience. We have included the newest information about updates in the FAQ including:

Content expansion beyond US: Sabre customers in Canada, Mexico, UK, and Ireland have opportunity to use the new experience.

Enhanced content: Direct hotel supplier options via CHS

Configuration changes: Company Administrators and TMCs can manage the new Concur Travel experience preference at the Travel Configuration level, in addition to managing the preference at the company level.

Tangerine Noted Highlights:

  • Dynamic and more robust search options

  • Hotel imagery enhancements

  • Sustainable Info with Search Results

  • Airline Product Imaging

  • New Seat map/select capabilities

  • New Flight Amenities detail

  • Leg by leg flight search

  • Filter options – policy and least cost logical fare

  • NDC – Fares can be enabled and appear in search results.

    • These may have some different rules or restrictions.

  • Lessen the number of steps to finish booking

  • Mobile App Updated

*Not all accounts will qualify for T2. Contact for more details.

10808 NE 145th Street, Bothell, WA - 98011

425.822.2333 or 800.678.8202



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