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    We are proud that Tangerine Travel is one of the first agencies in Washington State, to be accredited to sell travel to space. 

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Someone at work recommended Tangerine Travel for scheduling flights and booking hotels for corporate travel. I am beyond pleased with the results and incredibly impressed with the services this company provided - timely, responsive, efficient, acommodating, and pleasant. It saved me a lot of time and I would highly recommend working with them for any business or personal needs.
Anna S. | Seattle, WA | September 25, 2013
This is our second time using Tangerine Travel. Our First experience we booked our Mexican Vacation with Susan and she was wonderful....We are also working with her to book our honeymoon to Europe! Our current experience working with Christina at Tangerine Travel has been amazing! She is helping us with our Destination Wedding in Seattle. We need two hotel blocks at the Inn and the Market and the Seattle Marriott Waterfront and she exceeded our expectations in organizing this! We will continue to use Tangerine travel in the future! If you want exceptional service and a great experience that is stress free I would suggest getting in touch with the crew at Tangerine Travel!
Stephanie C. | Littleton, CO | September 22, 2013

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Q. Why should I use Concur Travel & Expense instead of calling an agent directly?

Concur Travel allows you to make plans quickly after viewing your travel options. You are able to use a self-service system while taking advantage of having an agent when it matters most.  Our technology provides a list of all your travel plans; alerts you about travel news and allows you to be organized while on the go.

Q. What procedure should I use if I have two or more travelers going to the same destination?   (THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE WITH SPECIFIC PERMISSION OR TRAVEL ADMIN RIGHTS)

A. When the first booking is made, you will be able to clone the reservation.  This action can be found under the “Upcoming Trips” tab. After selecting the trip action to clone, you will then pull over the next traveler’s profile so that all frequent guest numbers and credit cards are captured.  Finish by adding any additional cars or hotels and then you are ready to purchase.

Q. Is my information entered in the travel profile shared with or seen by anyone?

A. The only people who have access to this information are the traveler and the travel arranger; however the travel arranger does not have access to your personal credit card information. Your credit card number cannot be accessed because the site is secure. Only the last four numbers are shown.

Q. I frequently travel to the same destination, stay in the same hotel and rent the same car. Is there an easy way to book this trip?

A. Yes, you can create a template for any reoccurring trip. Find the Action button in your “Trip Library” and select the option to create a “Template.”

Q. What is the difference between Hold Trip and Purchase Now?

A. “Purchase Now” will purchase and ticket your flight as well as confirm car and hotel reservations. “Hold Trip” will save your itinerary and confirm the car and hotel but does not ticket your flight. You can come back later to purchase the flight, but remember airfare is subject to change until ticketed. In order to prevent a hotel no-show charge, you will want to cancel a reserved itinerary.

Q. What should I do if I book an air reservation on Concur and a few hours later decide to add a car and/or hotel?

A. To add or modify your trip, click the name of the trip in the “Upcoming Trips” tab and then choose the addition specific to the segment such as car and/or hotel.  You can make these changes before your ticket is issued. 

Q Where do I view my itinerary?

You can view your itinerary in the “Upcoming Trips” section of My Concur or Travel pages. In addition, Concur will email your confirmation immediately after you confirm your trip. Once ticketed, Tangerine Travel will email your final itinerary.

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American work culture calls for constant movement. The hustle to be the best in your industry can be rewarding but can also take its toll when trying to find the perfect work/life balance. Burnout can affect us both physically and mentally and with these help tips, we hope you can avoid the burnout blues.

Lead Through Delegation

It is time to embrace teamwork driven ideals and ditch the idea that tasks are easier when they are done only by you. Utilize individuals in the office who excel at things that you (and the job) can live without doing. Many coworkers will be excited to help with tasks that they may not have done before. When you leave the office make sure to delegate at home to create the perfect work/life balance. Hire someone to clean the house so you will have more time to relax!

Stay Positive

Focus on keeping the perspective at both work and home. If things feel like they are becoming overwhelming, take a deep breath and think about the completion of a similar job that had a successful outcome. Prioritize your tasks in a way that will make you look forward to doing each of them. There is something that makes checking things off your to-do list feel so good!

Focus on You

The best way to steer clear of burnout is to constantly evaluate what makes you excited both at work and at home. Once you understand what makes you happy, shift your focus to rest and relaxation. Always make time for your morning run, or a monthly massage, or happy hour with friends. Once you find a great balance for you, exhaustion and burnout will be far from your mind!

Set Clear Boundaries

When at work it can be hard to say “no” to those who ask for your help. At home, it can be difficult to say no to your kids or other family members or friends when they ask for your participation. Letting go of worrying what everyone else thinks when you take a moment for yourself is the key to great balance. Knowing what you can take on as a coworker or family member is as important as knowing what you cannot. People will respect your decision because you will be able to give the greatest amount of effort to the things that are most important and everything else in your life will easily fall into place. 

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Whether you are doing business in China or on an incentive trip with your sales team in Mexico, any travel outside the USA carries some health risks and we want to empower you with some great information to keep you as healthy as possible. Below are some common questions we have answered to help keep you informed.              

Is there a Doctor who focuses on travel health? Yes and you can find them at a travel health clinic. A doctor will review your travel destinations and planned activities, then offer advice, vaccines and medication needed – all tailored to your travel plans.  For the most current international travel advice, visit a clinic that is recognized by the International Society of Travel Medicine.

What does a travel health clinic offer? At travel health clinics, you can learn how to avoid infection, precautions about food and water, information about health regulations for destination countries, documentation to enter destination countries and materials about health insurance coverage for international travelers.

Why might you need immunizations?  In some parts of the world, diseases we have not seen in the United States are still prevalent.  When traveling to these areas, travelers may need a booster shot to be protected.  Some vaccines may be given together, while others need to be given in intervals.   Travel health clinics can manage those immunizations for you to be fully covered by vaccines for your trip

How to get all the facts? The travel health clinic is a great place to find information regarding your health but we also suggest checking out the U.S. Passports and International Travel site. This site offers in-depth information on disease and illness, travel alerts and travel warning as well as tips for overall health abroad. 

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As summer travel continues, long airport security lines continue to make headlines. The summer of 2016 is expected to see over 230 million travelers pass through security checkpoints and with an average wait time of 45 minutes your ideas of what to do while in line may be running dry.  Tangerine Travel has composed a list of things to do that will help pass the time while you wait.

Stay Informed – Check for updates and boarding information by downloading the app of the airline you are flying. Many times through the app, you can purchase inflight Wi-Fi or the onboard entertainment. While also connected, download any music or books to help entertain you while waiting or onboard your flight.

Organize a To-Do List – While standing in line check your current to-do list or create a new one. When traveling for business it is best to keep a check list to ensure you do not forget anything important. The “Reminders” function on an Apple device allows you to set reminders and mark them as completed. A perfect addition to your color coded post-it lists.

Research Your Destination – Road Warriors can travel to exciting new cities or feel like a destination is their second home. While in line utilize the waiting time by looking up activities, attractions or festivals by using Facebook, Instagram or twitter.  Or message the concierge at your hotel through the hotel’s app and ask if they have walking tours, favorite happy hour spots or must see places.  

Pick Up the Phone and Call – Barring an early morning or red eye flight this is the perfect time to catch up with someone on the phone. If you are traveling right before or after business hours you may catch your best friends on their way to or from work. Nothing passes the time in a commute like getting caught up with a friend.

Get Caught Up – Whether it’s pulling out your kindle or catching up on your favorite magazine, getting lost in reading can help pass the time. If you are not a big reader tackle your inbox and prioritize emails or set up out-of-office alerts for clients and coworkers.

With the great ideas above travelers should be able to pass through the line quickly and feeling accomplished! If you are more interested in skipping the security line process check out our blog post on which trusted traveler program is right for you.

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Summer is here and that means vacation season is in full swing. The American culture is known for skipping out on annual vacations all together so Tangerine Travel is presenting some ways to help our corporate travelers utilize vacation time and make the most of their time off. As a full service travel agency, Tangerine has all the resources to help our corporate clients plan the best vacation for their families!

How to Utilize One Week of Vacation Time

Many may think that escaping the office for 5 days is the best way to utilize vacation time, however, breaking up those days and connecting them to paid holidays that your company already offers could allow you to stretch your vacation days. With Labor Day only a few months away, now is the time to start planning a long weekend getaway. We suggest taking the Tuesday after the long weekend off instead of Friday. That way you will get the benefit of 4 days off, give yourself a shorter work week and allow you to feel more relaxed after utilizing your vacation days well!

Enjoy Two Weeks of Vacation

Two weeks is the most common amount of time off given to those working in the USA. This time frame can give you the opportunity to take a week-long vacation and then add on to weekends to create a nine day stretch of time off.  Our suggestion is to use a week of your vacation all at once. Nine days (two weekends and one work week) will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the office. 

If you are itching to take a big trip Tangerine Travel can help with the organization of your travel from flights, to rental car, to hotel and excursions. If you like to travel to unique destinations, this option will allow for longer flights (think Hawaii or Fiji) and recovery from jet lag.

Three to Four Week Holiday

This amount of time off can come with some logistical challenges both at home and at the office. There is no reason to feel overwhelmed with leaving work and trying to plan your trip. Tangerine Travel will plan your vacation based on the ideas you have provided. Leave the details to us you and melt into a vacation mindset.

No vacation idea is too big or too small for us! Use our Vacation department to book your next trip! We are full service and pride ourselves on being able to accommodate and create vacation memories! For more information on how you can book your next vacation with the special Tangerine Travel touch email us at teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com.

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Many of Tangerine Travel’s clients use a combination of online and traditional reservation methods to meet the needs of their businesses.  However, corporate travelers who require minimal assistance will find our online booking tool to be extremely convenient. Tangerine Travel works in concert with our partner, Concur, to provide a user friendly online travel tool, which allows direct access to our airline partners.

When an employee begins to plan a trip, an executive or a designated member of your team can approve, reject and request modifications during the travel booking process.  By being able to view employees’ flights, car rentals, hotel rooms or other expenses, you will gain valuable insight into pre-planned expenditures, which will allow for a more accurate forecast of travel costs. Travel programs that include a blended solution when creating reservations, tend to offer a better return on company savings due to travel policy adherence. 

Our in-house technology team can personalize and customize your online experience to your specifications.  We can design your site to display all available travel options to meet your search criteria, as well as reflect your company’s travel policy and preferred travel partners. Our state-of-the-art technology and reporting will also provide back-office reporting data that can help make a Road Warrior's life a little easier by having the flexibility to confirm or modify reservations anywhere at any time.  

We do not believe in a one size fits all travel solution, nor do we operate in a large call center environment.  We will know you by name!

Tangerine Travel continues to provide our clients with dedicated, knowledgeable and caring experts 24/7 to help plan a successful implementation strategy and ongoing end-user support. If you are interested in establishing a new online booking tool, wanting to learn how to increase your online booking rate, or need assistance with vendor negotiation, we are standing by to help you! TangerineTravel@tangerinetravel.com or 800-678-8202

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The most exclusive resort destination in the Caribbean, Casa de Campo will sweep you away. Tangerine Travel will customize your tropical retreat with activities from tennis to golf to luxurious spa treatments.

This Tangerine Travel Experience Includes:

  • Four nights’ stay in the Pete Dye Golf Lodge Room
  • Complimentary fourth night free
  • Hotel transfers
  • $100 resort credit

Call 800.678.8202 to book your customized trip to the Dominican Republic today!

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Delta has made the headlines by announcing it will make in-flight entertainment free for all passengers in two-cabin airplanes. Delta offers the Delta Studio, an entertainment portal that channels content through seatback screens and streaming wireless internet. Delta is looking to improve upon their domestic economy experience and between onboard entertainment, in-flight food and other amenities to add to comfort to travelers.

Delta’s new free Studio will go into effect on July 1. Just in time for your summer travel!

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Clarice - A convenient concierge app offers travelers curated suggestions for the best sights, restaurants, and shopping for four types of trips: business, pleasure, romance, or a family visit. It includes self-guided walking tours and mapped routes for a morning run, and themed itineraries such as “Woody Allen’s New York City” and a “gin lover’s tour of London”. The app is currently available for 12 cities in the U.S. and Europe and continuing to grow.

Bring Fido - Do not leave your best friend behind this summer. Bring Fido is a great resource for travelers seeking pet-friendly hotels, a local vet, outdoor restaurants, or parks and beaches that allow animals—as well as the nearest pet store. It will even help you determine whether a hotel permits larger dogs and if there are additional fees tied to a pet stay. A perfect opportunity to get away with all members of the family!

Bravolol Phrasebook - This translation app is a must-have for travelers who do not speak the local language. It has hundreds of key basics in 13 languages, including traditional and simplified Chinese. Listen to audio pronunciations and then record and play back your own voice to hear how you sound. Extra categories can be accessed by upgrading to the pro version for $4.99 per language.

Postagram - Sometimes getting a piece of mail from those traveling is the greatest gift. Postcards are the classic thinking-of-you travel mementos for friends and family. Postagram, will bring this tradition into the digital age by sending personalized photos and messages from your phone to relatives, which they'll receive on actual postcards for $0.99 a piece (postage is included). A perfect way to share your travels with everyone back home!

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Complimentary Night with Stay in Maui

With 15 acres of prime beachfront in one of Hawai'i’s most luxurious resort communities, Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort is more a lifestyle than a hotel. Take a kayak tour, do sunset yoga or try stand-up paddleboarding. Then again, lounging by one of the five ocean-facing pools may be as active as you get. The 297 guestrooms are chic and airy with balconies with a host of complimentary luxuries. Savor the delights of world-class dining at Ka’ana Kitchen and Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto's namesake restaurant or satisfy midnight cravings at the 24-hour market.

Tangerine Travel Exclusives Include:

  • 6th consecutive night complimentary
  • Daily breakfast for 2 in Ka’ana Kitchen
  • $100 Spa treatment credit
  • Early check-in and late check-out when available
  • Upgrade based on availability

Sail Alaska in Style

When your Tangerine Travel advisor arranges your Alaska adventure with Celebrity Cruises®, youwill earn you an exclusive $150 Indulgence Credit per stateroom when staying in Concierge Class or higher. Experience the stylings of this newly made over ship, at the innovative Qsine®, the spectacular spa and the ice-topped Martini Bar. Celebrity Infinity® departs Vancouver B.C. August 7, 2016.

Call a Tangerine Travel Advisor today at 800.678.8202 to book your trip to Maui or your cruise to Alaska!

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