Solo Travel Ideas for 2020

Solo Travel Ideas for 2020

Solo Travel Ideas 2020

The world has never been more accommodating for solo travelers. With an array of articles with recommendations on best places, practices, and safety, and apps to help combat loneliness, itineraries are being created to cater to these adventures – even cruises are dropping their fees.

For soul-searching experiences or moment-collecting purposes, travelers can go just about anywhere making their trip as solo as they desire –you don’t need to be on your own all the time to make it count as solo traveling! Here are some ideas for your 2020 solo travel plans:

Iceland - Solo Travel Ideas 2020

Drive through the Ring Road (Route 1) around the island or, if time is more limited, get a glimpse of what the country has to offer by visiting some of southern Iceland’s greatest hits like Thingvellir, Geysir, and Gullfoss, along the Golden Circle route – on your own pace, or by joining groups on their excursions.

Rwanda - Solo Travel Ideas 2020

There are few better places to recharge and reconnect with yourself – while being extremely rewarding – than embarking on an African adventure with only the hotel staff and nature to keep you company. In 2019, Singita opened two new properties in Rwanda (Singita Kwitonda Lodge and Kataza House) complete with gorilla trekking expeditions ideal for adventurers traveling alone.


It’s hard for solo travelers to consider a cruise without first worrying about “single supplements”—the fees charged for booking a room designed to hold two or more people. However, with a growing number of solo travelers, the cruise industry is becoming more accommodating by getting rid of such fees. Hurtigruten is one company that is welcoming more solo travelers and offering incentives to experience places like Norway by waiving the “single supplement” fee on some of their itineraries (see newsletter).

Petra - Solo Travel Ideas 2020

Jordan has all the colorful history, layered archeology, and warm hospitality of its neighboring Middle Eastern countries, with none of the turmoil – which makes the country a viable option for solo travelers. Tour companies specializing in high-end solo travelers include visits to the ancient city of Petra, camel rides through the Wadi Rum Desert, and floating in the Dead Sea.

Bali - Solo Travel Ideas 2020

Quiet meditation is an ancient Buddhist practice. As the need for silent reflection grows in days of never-ending chatting and excessive exposition, Bali may be the perfect get away for a solo traveler looking for a deep and meaningful connection with one’s self. In Bali, silent retreats involve no talking and not listening to other sounds other than the noises of nature, no phones, and no internet access.

Mexico - Solo Travel Ideas 2020

If the goal is to focus less on the self and more on doing good, solo travelers can join the Akumal Ecological Center (CEA) in Quintana Roo, Mexico, to rescue turtles in the Caribbean. Volunteers learn about the species with in-class education, turtle monitoring protocols, and species identification before continuing with field work: tagging and protecting nesting females, marking nests with GPS coordinates, and minimizing predators from the nesting sites. Note: CEA requires volunteers to commit to the program for at least one month.

Belmond’s Eastern & Oriental Express - Solo Travel Ideas 2020
Oriental Express

Looking forward to reading something new (or finishing that book you started a while ago) while exploring somewhere on your own? Hop aboard the ultra-luxurious Belmond’s Eastern & Oriental Express from Singapore to Bangkok, and enjoy the train’s private suites, multi-course meals, and 24-hour concierge service, and a guided tour of the River Kwai and Malaysia’s rice paddies.

Antarctica - Solo Travel Ideas 2020

How possible a solo trip to the frozen continent really is? Very possible! Norway-based cruise line Hurtigruten ensures travelers have enough space without getting lonely, with group excursions and restaurants that allow you to join others’ tables, and there are the quiet moments when you’re walking among penguins, taking a scenic zodiac ride, or snowshoeing up a hill to see the humpback whales… a perfect alone moment on your solo itinerary.


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