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Personal Travel Advisors

Betsy Lane - Personal Travel Manager


What I love most about travel is merging with the local culture and surroundings.  I want to inspire you to move off the beaten path and seek out the unusual, so you have the chance to see life from a different perspective and have room for spontaneous inspirations and experiences. 

For me this happened in Iceland.  With ice cleats strapped to my boots, my husband and I walked up a glacier.  I won’t soon forget the clear sheet of ice beneath my feet as I climbed, or the cup of coffee I savored back at the bottom with the group of fellow climbers.   I have experienced tent camping in the jungles of Costa Rica; swimming with string rays in Tahiti; and snorkeling the warm Caribbean waters of Mexico and the island of St Vincent.

One of my favorite geographies is Europe.  Traveling by combination train and car is a wonderful way to experience the countries and to visit the small villages not connected by train.  I have fond memories of New Year’s Eve in Slovakia, setting off huge fireworks in the town square, and another time visiting a church in Portugal with the walls covered with skulls.  
My Scandinavian heritage is very important to me and I have visited my relatives on several occasions.  What a joy when they opened their homes and hearts to us!  In what country does your family tree begin?

I would be honored to help you plan your travels.

Jo Villafranca - Personal Travel Consultant


Traveling for me began at a young age with my Dad on business trips. I spring-boarded from there to travel as an exchange student. After being immersed in a foreign culture, I knew my quest for adventure would not be easily quenched. One of my favorite destinations is Europe. I love the rich history, the melange of old and new architecture to admire, and the gastronomic bonanza that awaits every day! My favorite memories are the day trips driving through the south of France, taking our time to stroll through the streets and take it all in.

When the comforts of home are a must but the thirst to explore still lingers, traveling by cruise ship is by far the way go. I was fortunate enough to land an on-board position that afforded me the chance to see more of the world in a way that is difficult to summarize in few words.

I love to inspire others to dream big and step outside their comfort zone to explore new and out of the way places.

I would be honored to help you plan your travels.