North American airlines apply for Japan’s Haneda Slots

North American airlines apply for Japan’s Haneda Slots

This past week, United, Delta and American Airlines filed applications, as the U.S. Department of Transportation started accepting proposals to allocate 12 slots for U.S. carriers at the Japanese airport.

These slots come from an agreement between Japan and the U.S. to ease airspace restrictions, and will provide 24 slots to be divided evenly between North American and Japanese airlines.

  • United proposes to add three flights to Haneda (from Newark, Los Angeles, and Guam), and to shift to Haneda, three other flights that fly from Chicago, Washington, and Houston (currently flying to Narita).
  • Delta, who currently flies to Haneda from Los Angeles and Minneapolis/St. Paul, has also applied for six slots offering daytime service from Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, and Portland (OR), as well as two daily flights from Honolulu.
  • American Airlines is requesting four slots for flights leaving from Dallas/Fort Worth, and one from Las Vegas. And, although the airline already has one flight between Haneda and Los Angeles, it is currently applying for a second route between these cities.

Both American and United have agreements with Japanese carriers (Japan Airlines and ANA consecutively), and have been drawing upon the potential connections from those agreements in their proposals. Meanwhile, after stablishing a joint venture with Korean Airlines, Delta has been shifting flights from Tokyo to Seoul and believes in the competitive alternative of its proposed flights. The company is also starting service between Seattle and Osaka in April as part of this JV.

Bidding for slots is expected to be highly competitive, since Haneda is closer to central Tokyo than Narita. Decisions will be announced in October, and the new service will begin in March 2020.