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Someone at work recommended Tangerine Travel for scheduling flights and booking hotels for corporate travel. I am beyond pleased with the results and incredibly impressed with the services this company provided - timely, responsive, efficient, acommodating, and pleasant. It saved me a lot of time and I would highly recommend working with them for any business or personal needs.
Anna S. | Seattle, WA | September 25, 2013
This is our second time using Tangerine Travel. Our First experience we booked our Mexican Vacation with Susan and she was wonderful....We are also working with her to book our honeymoon to Europe! Our current experience working with Christina at Tangerine Travel has been amazing! She is helping us with our Destination Wedding in Seattle. We need two hotel blocks at the Inn and the Market and the Seattle Marriott Waterfront and she exceeded our expectations in organizing this! We will continue to use Tangerine travel in the future! If you want exceptional service and a great experience that is stress free I would suggest getting in touch with the crew at Tangerine Travel!
Stephanie C. | Littleton, CO | September 22, 2013

News & Newsworthy

The Berkeley is the ideal London outpost with its serene Hyde Park views and renowned Knightsbridge shopping nearby. Make the most of your time across the pond with a 4th night free, a room upgrade (if available), breakfast daily, dining or spa credit and much more!  Christmas time at the Berkeley is fun-filled experience for families and romantics alike.  The hotel offer delicious edible treats, stockings for children, carol singing and horse-drawn carriages.  This will be a holiday celebration to remember!

Looking for more than just a Red Bus tour? Tangerine Travel suggest visiting the legendary Blue Bar, one of the city’s hottest nightspots. Connect with one of our Tangerine Travel advisors to plan all the details! Email us at teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com.

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7 Night Winter Escape to the Four Seasons Whistler! Enjoy airport transfers, hotel accommodations, breakfast, ski passes and more!

Armed with a 4-day dual mountain ski pass (with one guilt-free day off the boards to shop, hike, or spa), head up to the slopes of Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain. With over 200 trails and 7,000 acres of ski and snowboard terrain, you are guaranteed not to ski the same tracks twice! Variety is an understatement. The place is a huge, natural terrain park!

After an active day on the slopes, taste Whistler’s après ski scene. Just footsteps from the hills, favorite spots offer mountain views, ample patio space, live music and plenty of people watching. Later in the evening, enjoy one of the many world-class restaurants on offer in the Village. 

Contact your Tangerine Travel Advisor today at teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com!  We will have you on the slopes in no time!

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Each year travel evolves and cities change to accommodate different trends and tastes.  Many cities cater to both vacation and business travelers with amusement parks and attractions adding extra excitement and anticipation for those who are trying to mix business with pleasure.  Much of corporate travel is participating in conventions, meetings or events and many cities are hoping to tap in to those attendees who are also looking to extend their time in a location with family or friends.

Event planners have come to realize that attendees are attracted to meeting destinations that they would personally like to visit also.  On The Vine Meetings, Incentives and Events planners have listed a few cities they have found to be great for meetings as well as personal travel!

Orlando, Florida

Known as one of the top meeting venues in the United States, the Orange County Convention Center boasts 2.1 million sq. ft. of exhibit space.  With close attractions such as the Orlando Eye, a 400-foot-tall observation wheel and theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Legoland and Universal Orlando, this city is the perfect spot for team bonding, leadership training and family fun!

San Diego

With sunny weather, beautiful beaches and laid back California style, San Diego is always a popular destination to host meetings and events.  This year marks some exciting new hotel openings that are perfect for an event of any size.  The Paradise Point Resort is debuting a new 16,000-square-foot Sunset Pavilion and is looking to increase its presence as a unique venue for meeting groups.  In addition to the new meeting and conference infrastructure this is also time to take part in the renowned San Diego Zoo or the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  Not only is this a great destination to extend your time to include some personal travel but it also offers creative opportunities to host events outside of the ballroom.

A further plus to the destinations above is that they are constantly upgrading to keep pace with an industry that is consistently reinventing itself.  These destination will get every meeting group excited and allow an opportunity to share the experience with friends and family as well.

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Technology on the road can be convenient, yet daunting.  You love the functionality your tablet provides, but you may also be baffled by the thousands of apps available.  We have found with a few simple additions you can use to optimize your tablet to be a great traveling companion:

Using your tablet as a laptop

If you do not like typing on the tablet, the best travel option is to purchase a wireless keyboard, which does not need to be docked and is easy to carry around.  If you need a word processor on the road, there are many options but one of the most popular is Documents Free, which allows users to create and edit documents.  If you are looking to bundle everything together with online access, Google Docs, is also another great source for creating and editing on the go.  Another option is to use Microsoft Remote Desktop that will allow you to access the programs on your PC from your tablet.  Tablets are fairly limited in storage capabilities so other than using the aforementioned remote terminal app, it is best to use cloud storage to access any documents you may need.

Tablet trip planning 

If you are a corporate traveler and need helping organizing your travel or if you are looking to use a program that works alongside your Concur App, TripIt is the way to go.  Instead of keeping track of emails or printing out hard copies of reservations, TripIt compiles all of your travel information and generates complete itineraries easily accessed through your mobile device.   Need help organizing your suitcase? Travel List is the app for Travelers that appreciate the option to set an “auto reminder”. If you begin packing and forget to finish, you will be alerted as you are leaving the location where you have been packing. Another option is to set alarms for specific items you plan to pack. For example, if you are leaving at 7 a.m. for a flight but want to wait to pack your phone charger until the last minute, you can set a reminder to go off at 6:55 a.m.

Getting the most from your tablet at your destination

Once you have arrived it is time to put your tablet to use.  Depending on your style of travel, there are plenty of apps from which to choose.  The last thing you want to do after a long trip is circle the block for a parking spot. ParkMobile will find both private and public parking spots on city streets, airports and know attractions in the city. The app will allow you to pay before you park and will also alert you 15 minutes before your time is up to ensure you make it back to your car in time. If you are in a foreign country, you will need the very simple and straightforward Currency app.  You select the currencies you want to convert, the amount, and the app will give you the most current exchange.  Field Trip by Google is a great general travel resource with information on popular sites and attractions and provides current information on local events.  Field Trip gives you the opportunity to search in your area for restaurants, local events and attractions.  The app separates itself from others by connecting to Bluetooth in the car to give updates as you drive on places to go.  

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As fall turns to winter, we know your mind is on the holidays and the travel it will take to spend time with family and friends. 2015 is gearing up to be one of the busiest travel seasons ever and with that in mind, Tangerine Travel has compiled some tips for travelers to get to and from their destinations with minimum trouble and maximum enjoyment!

Fly Nonstop

Flying nonstop whenever possible can be the least complicated way to travel; however, we understand that cannot always happen. The internet will be inundated with “travel deals” that may include multiple stops or even nights in the airport.  Tangerine Travel Advisors will assist you in making a reservation that will work with your schedule and within your budget. When booking with your Travel Advisor, we can guarantee you will always have an advocate the moment you head out on your trip. 

Take the First Flight Out

 In addition to flying non-stop also book the earliest flight of the day! As much as you would like to start your holiday trip off with a morning of extra sleep it is best to have the upper hand, especially when it comes to Mother Nature. The chances of having your flight affected by weather at other airports is less but it also allows for flexibility if your flight is delayed or even cancelled to find an available seat on another flight.

Track Your Finances

When on the road your most important items will be your phone and credit card.  We encourage travelers to avoid using banking apps or providing credit card information during this time of year. It is difficult to know when or where you have a secured network when you are traveling to make security sensitive transactions. On a budget and need to know where you stand financially? Check out Travel Pocket the personal trip expense tracker designed to reflect your spending while on your trip.  With an opportunity to track your expenses in any world currency you will know what you are spending on dinner, transportation or any other transaction.

Speed Through Security

Make sure to be diligent when heading through security. If you are a frequent traveler take advantage of the Trusted Traveler programs that offer a five year membership for a nominal fee. If you are going through security without one of these programs we suggest placing all your hand held items in a sleeve of your carry on before you even get in line. With so many valuables placed in plastic bins, it is easy for your items to get lost, stolen, damaged or broken. Take 15 seconds to stow everything away. You will make up twice the time on the other side of the checkpoint and you will not risk losing your personal belongings.

Social Media is Your Friend

Social Media is a great way for communication and can allow you to see current information when traveling. Follow your airlines and airports via Twitter and Facebook. Many airlines and airports post current updates to their Twitter feeds, allowing you to stay in the loop as information becomes available. In addition to Social Media make sure you have signed up for airline alerts through text and email and to bring your charger! You cannot get breaking news if your phone has no battery.

Whether your travel is business or pleasure or both, staying home during the winter months is not practical. Tangerine Travel is here to lessen your frustration when you need it most. Our travel advisors are here to provide you with the sanity you need to get through your travels.  Email us today at teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com for more winter travel tips or to book your next trip!

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For many Road Warriors, traveling is a huge source of frustration and stress - with most of your time being spent in lines at airport security. Tangerine Travel has highlighted some little-known tips to get you through those security checkpoints and on your way to relaxation at your gate.

Tips to Navigate Through Airport Security - Seattle Travel Agency

Trusted Traveler Programs  

Options such as TSA PreCheck (domestic), Global Entry or Nexus (International) are great for frequent flyers and business travelers. When part of one of these programs, travelers are able to go through separate security lines, leaving on their shoes and belts, and keeping their laptops in the bag. For a small fee you can be enrolled in any of these Trusted Traveler programs.  Each program membership is valid for five years and offers a straightforward renewal process to ensure you are covered to skip the long lines.

To be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident. While there is a passport requirement for Global Entry, both Nexus and PreCheck can be accessed without a passport. You can apply for TSA PreCheck, Global Entry or Nexus online and then make an appointment at one of the enrollment centers around the country to provide fingerprints and identification.

TSA Navigation Tips Travel Management Company Seattle 

Check Out Security Ahead of Time

The rule of thumb is to always arrive at least two hours prior to your scheduled departure.  Time management is always helpful, but with “My TSA App”, you will find useful information such as security wait times at the airport, the location of any secondary security areas with shorter wait time, and more.  This information is available online or as a mobile app.

Go Left When Choosing a Line

Some research suggests that right handed individuals, unconsciously select things on the right side. Go against the grain and head down as far left as possible.  Also, watch the individual TSA agents manning each line. Some are quicker to circle, stamp, and leave their initials on a boarding pass than others.

Organization is Key

When you get to the airport, take everything out of your pockets – loose change, car keys, ear buds – and put them in your carry-on.  Before you get to the security line, even if you have TSA PreCheck, make sure your appropriately sized liquids are in one easy-to-grab Ziploc bag. Finally, keep your ID and boarding pass together, either in your hand or in one quickly accessed pocket.

With airports busier than ever, saving a few extra minutes here and there along the way can add up in your favor - Tangerine Travel believes in those few spare minutes to buy a magazine, grab a snack or hustle to the bathroom!

Need help deciding which Trusted Traveler Program is best for you and your travel needs?  Our experienced travel advisors are here to create a perfect fit with you - for you.  For more information, contact our team by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

Contact Tangerine Travel Now

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Flight delays, lost luggage, terrible airport food, and the hectic lines of airport security all make business travel a grueling experience. But these days, there is a smartphone app for pretty much everything.

If you travel often, whether for business or pleasure, then you definitely need these can’t-travel-without apps:

TSA Travel App - Tangerine Travel

Airport Security

When it comes to travel, airport security is often a travelers biggest frustration. The security procedures are constantly changing and business travelers, even those who travel often, can find it difficult to stay ahead of the changes.

So, how can an app fix your airport security frustrations? My TSA is a real-time operating app that includes features such as security guidelines, wait-time estimates, and information on flight delays. The app also includes airport weather conditions, but the most exciting feature is the “Can I Bring” tool. This gives travelers a list of what they can and can’t carry onto the plane.  

Flight Delays

Flight delays are unavoidable. But they don’t have to be a huge obstacle. Having a personal travel consultant at Tangerine Travel who is available 24/7 can definitely help when delays do occur.

But even if your travel agent is working out the schedule to get you on your way again, you will have to stick around the airport. Where will you eat? How can you stay productive? Where do you find free internet?

App in the Air is the perfect app to help you find the best food and drinks in the airport, as well as free wireless internet connections. App in the Air also checks your flight status and can help keep your friends and family updated by sharing your flight status information.

Health and Fitness On the Road

Life on the road is hard on your health. Road warriors are constantly dining out, making diet control difficult, and most of you rarely have time for a workout.

yumPower is an iPhone app that helps travelers find restaurants and meals in your area that are both nutritious and delicious. The app is full of restaurants and menu options that are approved by Healthy Dining’s team of registered dietitians. Diet filters include “sodium savvy,” “calorie wise,” “fiber focus,” “lotsa fruits and veg,” “diabetes friendly,” and “kids livewell.” Each restaurant and food listing includes a rating scale. The app even offers users the chance to leave a positive review when they find a place they enjoy.

Best Airport Travel Apps

Prescription Emergencies

Filling prescriptions can be an easy thing to forget and especially difficult to remember to run to a pharmacy when you’re on the road in a new city.

So what do you do in a new location and need a last minute prescription filled? Many Professional Pharmacy Pocket Rx is an app that allows you to order your prescription refills from your mobile device. The free app allows users to create a profile and access their current prescriptions for refill. The app offers three ways to enter data: manual entry of the information, choosing from a list of frequently used prescriptions, or a barcode scanning feature that allows you scan the barcode on your medicine bottle. The app can also find the nearest pharmacy using GPS functionality.

Lost Luggage

When on the road, anything can happen. Whether the airline lost your checked bags or you forget your suitcase in your cab, sometimes buying new items in a rush in your only option.

The Goodzer: Local-Shopping app is an easy-to-use personal shopping assistant. Do a quick search on the app for the item you are looking to buy and Goodzer will show you all the nearby stores that carry the product, along with pricing information, product availability, and directions.

Airport Food

Airports are not known to be a destination for fine dining. Food is often slapped together in an effort to get customers in and out quickly. The quality suffers. For frequent business travelers that rely on airport food, this can be a real bummer.

GateGuru will save the day. The app has information on restaurants and services to get you what you need. The app not only helps you find the best airport restaurants, but can also assist in finding the shops with the products you need. The app can also send notifications about crowds near your gate and shares restaurant reviews from other travelers.

Airport Navigation Apps

Dead Spots

Whether you are using the data on your cell phone or relying on free airport Wi-Fi, all business travelers occasionally hit dead spots. JWire works in 140 countries around the world and offers a downloadable list of Wi-Fi hotspots that can be setup so your device connects automatically, regardless of where you are.

A godsend? We think so.

Tracking Expenses

Keeping track of all business expenses can be tough. It’s easy to lose receipts or forget what charges on your card qualified for reimbursement. No more!

The app Concur organizes, saves, and even submits your travel expenses directly from the app. It is a nifty tool that ensures that you are always reimbursed for your business travel expenses.

Need assistance planning your next business trip or personal vacation? Let the expert travel consultants at Tangerine Travel help. Tangerine Travel is a full service travel agency. With our 24/7 customer support we are here to plan, book, and support all your travel needs, day or night. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next trip.

Coming soon! The new Tangerine Travel App — let us know what features you would like to see!

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After touching down in a foreign country such as Italy or South Korea, the one thing most road warriors want to do is to find their bags, get a car, and head to their final destination. These seemingly simple actions can be nearly impossible when all the signs and conversations are in a foreign language.

This is a common problem that every road warriors will face. Thankfully, there are a number of useful translation apps available that road warriors should download to make their travels smooth and simple. As a travel agency, we recommend five of the most popular translation apps used by road warriors today.

Best translator apps for road warriors

5. iTranslate

iTranslate is one of the most popular translating apps available today. With over 80 different languages to choose from, road warriors can quickly input text and voice messages and have them translated into a chosen dialect. The app can also translate tweets and emails so that users can easily interact with contacts in other languages.

Because the speech input has not always been accurate, the makers of iTranslate created a second app called iTranslate Voice 2 (listed below) to specifically meet this need. iTranslate can be customized by selecting male and female voices and adjusting the speaking rate.

4. iStone Travel Translation

This resource is ideal for road warriors that just want access to a variety of local colloquialisms to make their way around. The iStone Travel Translation app has over 300 common phrases in a variety of languages for road warriors to pick and choose from as they make their way around foreign cities. If there isn’t a need for extensive conversation, this is certainly an ideal tool.

3. WayGo Translator

Road warriors that are traveling to China, Japan, or Korea can utilize the reliable WayGo translator. Designed extensively to manage these unique languages, WayGo translates in real time by using the phone camera to identify and translate words on signs, pages, and screens. WayGo is actively working to expand their translator to include more languages.

Best translation apps for business travelers

2. iTranslate Voice 2

There are many times when road warriors must directly communicate and converse with individuals that speak a different language. iTranslate Voice 2 is designed to allow voice-to-text and voice-to-voice translations so that travelers can talk directly to someone that might not speak their same language.

This application comes in 42 different languages and dialects. The only drawback to this app is that it must be connected to the internet to function. However, phrases or saying that are favorited in the app are accessible when the device is offline.

1. Google Translate

Google Translate recently purchased another popular translator named Word Lens. While Google is still in the midst of improving this application, Google Translate continues to act as a reliable and great resource for travelers. This app quickly translates speech, text, and images into nearly 80 different languages.

Although it does occasionally stumble on idiomatic expressions, Google Translate generally does a good job of quickly translating words and phrases that road warriors need to get around. The app does require cellular data or Wi-Fi to work properly for iOS. Android phones, however, can download offline packs to use on the go.

If you are nervous about planning your international travels, let our travel agency take care of it for you. At Tangerine Travel, our travel agents can help you find and book the flights, transportation, and housing you need to be anywhere around the world. For more information, contact our team by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

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Scheduling large-scale or intricate travel plans can be a daunting and tedious task. Arranging suitable flights, comfortable lodging, and necessary transportation all demand time and effort that most of us can’t spare. Travel agencies have long demonstrated their ability to arrange comfortable, affordable travel plans to help their clients save time and money.

When to Use a Travel Agency

Many people are familiar with travel management companies and the standard services they provide. Travel agencies are most highly recommended when people are anticipating traveling with a large group or planning international travels. Individuals who are unsure about where they want to travel, or who want avoid dealing with travel complications can also use a travel agency to help them plan seamless and satisfying travels.

There are many common travel situations that can be simplified with the assistance of a travel agency, including:

Corporate and Group Travel

Large Group / Corporate Travel

The agents at Tangerine Travel are equipped to provide full booking services to businesses scheduling corporate, individual, or group travel plans. With our specially designed system, employees can book their own work travel plans. This unique system, however, still gives the company the ability to set time restraints, limits, and pricing restrictions on their employees’ travel.

Tangerine Travel also provides over one thousand annual, quarterly, and monthly reports for companies to analyze their travel expenses.

International Travel

Travel agents can help reduce the costs of traveling overseas by arranging suitable flights, housing, and transportation to match your budget. For those with a lot of questions about their travel plans and destination, a travel agent is the perfect person to ask. Even travel arrangements and paperwork can get tricky when traveling internationally, so your agent can give you advice and information specific to your destination and find ways to adjust travel plans, should unexpected problems arise.

Cruise Travel

There are a number of subtle tasks that are hidden inside the task of scheduling a cruise. Some of these tasks include booking a hotel for the night before departure, renting a car, signing up for excursions, and more. A travel management company can assist you in finding a cruise with a suitable itinerary at a rate that matches your budget. They may even be able to snag you some unadvertised deals.

Honeymoon travel planning

Honeymoon Travel

With something as special as a honeymoon, you want to get a fun, comfortable location at a reasonable price. Travel agents can help you find a special, memorable place to spend your honeymoon.

No one wants to get stuck at the airport, or find that their hotel reservation was scheduled for the week before. With the help of a travel management company, you can be sure that every detail of this special trip has been taken care of. If any issues do arise, your personal travel consultant is available to make any adjustments as needed.

Theme Park Travel

Theme parks, while exciting and memorable, can be incredibly expensive. Costs for entrance, food, and merchandise can start to stack up, not to mention travel, housing, and transportation expenses. Even though many theme parks offer special discounted packages, travel management companies can help you choose a suitable package for your family or group, and even find you additional discounts and deals.

Lesser Known Travel Situations

There are also a few situations that most travelers assume a travel agency cannot help with. No trip is too small for a travel agency and even if you are just booking a flight or hotel, travel management companies like Tangerine Travel should always be considered.

You Are Only Booking a Flight

It is true that many people don’t see any reason to use a travel agency for a simple airline ticket. But when your flight is cancelled the day before Thanksgiving and you are standing in line with one hundred other travelers for the next available flight home, you may want to reconsider booking with a travel agent. Tangerine Travel is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist in any way possible. While you stand in line, your agent can be on the phone booking the next available flight for you.

Booking a flight with Tangerine Travel

You Want To Use Your Miles

Booking a flight using miles means spending a lot of time on the phone, usually on hold, with the airline to get your flight booked. Why not let your travel agent wait on hold for you? Tangerine Travel can book a flight using your air miles, saving you time and peace of mind.

You Find a Great Deal Online

Tangerine Travel can get you the same or sometimes even better deal than online booking sites. Not only do you still get a great deal booking with a Seattle travel agent, you get peace of mind knowing you have 24-hour support if any issues arise.

Why Use a Travel Agent?

Travel agents are professionally trained employees whose responsibility is to provide you with meaningful services so that you can enjoy fun, seamless, high-quality travel. Here are some ways that our agents at Tangerine Travel can meet your needs:

  • Save Money: Travel agents have resources and connections that enable them to locate exclusive, hidden deals to help you save on travel expenses without compromising quality.

  • Save Time: Instead of spending hours in a day attempting to find and arrange affordable travel plans, a knowledgeable travel agent can plan and arrange every detail for you.

  • Convenience: Those that travel with Tangerine Travel have around-the-clock access to an agent who can assist them if questions or problems arise with their travel arrangements.

  • Knowledge: Travel agents receive extensive training and education about their work. Their knowledge and experience is a valuable resource when it comes to scheduling travel.

  • Exceptional Service: Our travel agents are willing to go the extra mile to provide exceptional services and ensure that you are pleased with your travel arrangements.

How to Find the Right Travel Agency

1. Look for an Accredited Agent

Agents can be accredited by professional travel industry associations. These agents have demonstrated their ability to provide outstanding and remarkable services. If an agent you’re considering has associations with ASTA, CLIA, Virtuoso, ARC, and others, you can trust them to provide high quality and reliable services.

2. Ask Friends

You can find some of the best travel management companies just by talking to your colleagues. Chances are, someone in your circles will have interacted with a travel agency that they can either recommend to you or warn you to avoid.

3. Check Credentials

If none of your friends recommendations really seem to be panning out in your favor, then look into the credentials offered by the industry. Many of the top travel agencies are those that have certified professionals and accredited agents on their team.

4.  Analyze Interactions

Travel agents should demonstrate reliable characteristics: they should be kind, honest, hard-working, thorough, and considerate. The best agents recognize that your satisfaction is the catalyst for their success. If an agent is hesitant to acknowledge your requests or seems difficult, odds are there are other agents out there who will better meet your travel needs.

5. Compare Prices

Don’t be afraid to compare the rates your travel agent gives you to the rates you would have been able to get on your own. A truly valuable agent will be sure you are getting the most for your money. Getting the customer the best value for their money should be the first priority for travel agents.

Contact Tangerine Travel

If you are looking for a reliable travel agency to successfully plan, arrange, and manage your travel plans, our agents would love to assist you. At Tangerine Travel, our expert consultants are trained to find the best flights, reservations, hotels, and transportation for every trip you take. For more information about our travel management services, contact us today by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

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Most people who travel already have a lot on their minds. The last thing they want is for their flights to be delayed, lost luggage, or to be treated poorly by airport staff. While a number of airports have developed a reputation for being late, disorganized, and unhelpful, other international airports have risen to the top with their capability, efficiency, and professionalism. If you find yourself stuck in an airport for a long layover, here are seven of the top U.S. airports for road warriors while traveling.

Best US Airports for Road Warriors

7. Portland International Airport, Oregon (PDX)

The PDX airport is famous among road warriors for its incredible ability to keep flights on time. Fast lines, a wide selection of shops and restaurants, and a light rail to downtown has resulted in PDX being named one of the best domestic airports.The Portland international airport recently opened several new eateries and shops, and replaced their worn, but infamous carpet with a new, memorable pattern.

6. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas (DFW)

As the main port for American Airlines, DFW is one of the busiest airports in the United States. The airport has an open, circular design, offering travelers convenient inner-airport transportation. Their expanded grounds have grown to include a number of amenities, including a shocking number of shops, restaurants, lounges, bars, and spas. With multiple airline lounges and several Wi-Fi hot spots, this airport is well suited to meet the needs of road warriors.

5. Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport, Kentucky (CVG)

Known for its user-friendly website and frequent updates, CVG ranked in the second best North American airport. Though small, this airport has reviewers raving about its open design, attractive industrial murals, and pleasantly short lines.

Corporate Travelers Best Airports

4. New York / John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York (JFK)

The JFK international airport has worked hard to outperform the prejudice associated with the antiquity of its name. With short security lines and new terminals, over 53 million travelers have been impressed by the airport’s recent renovations. The airport connects to the NYC subway system and the Long Island Railroad, making it easy for travelers to freely come and go.

3. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Washington (SEA)

Even though the Sea-Tac airport operates as a main hub for Alaska Airlines, it continues to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency it’s known for. Even Delta has set up shop at Sea-Tac, using this port as its international gateway to the far east. With a variety of dining options and a unique music-streaming program, Sea-Tac is one of the fastest growing airports in the United States.

2. San Francisco International Airport, California (SFO)

With both Virgin America and United Airlines claiming their residency in San Francisco, it’s no wonder that the SFO airport is the seventh busiest airport in the United States. Its smaller dimensions continue to attract compliments to the airport’s ability to maximize the space.

Embracing the area’s love for the food artisan, the San Francisco international airport is home to a number of cafes and shops. It even has a yoga room, an interactive flight deck, and a rotating art exhibit.

1. Denver International Airport, Colorado (DEN)

The Denver international airport is certainly a wonderful stop for the weary traveler. Despite being one of the busiest airports in the U.S., travelers have marvelled at the airport’s efficiency and impressive customer service. For travel purposes, DEN features non-stop service to over 20 international locations.

The airport also contains over 140 restaurants and shops to relax and enjoy, as well as one of the best art programs in the nation. This gallery displays impressive paintings, sculptures, and photography, all secured in rotating exhibits. With its pleasant atmosphere and impressive cleanliness, Denver ranks high on the list of experienced road warriors.

Tangerine Travel

If your work has you scheduling dozens of flights this year, our expert travel consultants can assist you. At Tangerine Travel, our travel agents can help to arrange and schedule flights, transportation, and housing during your business trips. For more information about our services as a travel management company, contact us today by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

Talk to a Personal Travel Consultant Now

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