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Someone at work recommended Tangerine Travel for scheduling flights and booking hotels for corporate travel. I am beyond pleased with the results and incredibly impressed with the services this company provided - timely, responsive, efficient, acommodating, and pleasant. It saved me a lot of time and I would highly recommend working with them for any business or personal needs.
Anna S. | Seattle, WA | September 25, 2013
This is our second time using Tangerine Travel. Our First experience we booked our Mexican Vacation with Susan and she was wonderful....We are also working with her to book our honeymoon to Europe! Our current experience working with Christina at Tangerine Travel has been amazing! She is helping us with our Destination Wedding in Seattle. We need two hotel blocks at the Inn and the Market and the Seattle Marriott Waterfront and she exceeded our expectations in organizing this! We will continue to use Tangerine travel in the future! If you want exceptional service and a great experience that is stress free I would suggest getting in touch with the crew at Tangerine Travel!
Stephanie C. | Littleton, CO | September 22, 2013

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Brrrrrrr, does this deep freeze have you longing to be basking on a sandy white beach soaking up the tropical rays of the sun? Are you singing the words to this famous holiday song? “I really can’t stay, baby its cold outside. I’ve got to go away, baby its cold outside.”  It may be cold where you are but the Hawaiian Islands are waiting to melt your winter blues.

Whether it is your first trip to Paradise or the 10th time visiting the Hawaiian Islands you can be sure there is no other place on Earth quite like it.  Hawaii’s six islands have something to offer to everyone. Beautiful beaches, lush tropical settings, romantic sunsets, perfect weather combined with the Aloha spirit will leave you relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

From the moment you step off the plane and inhale the sweet clean island air you will feel all your stress and worries melt away. Here at Tangerine we have many Hawaiian specialists, our agents have been to the islands numerous times, some have lived there in the past as well as one agent who currently lives there and has the most up to date expertise.

Whatever your interests we can design the perfect combination of islands and length of stay. For those traveling for the first time and want to get a sample of what each island has to offer, a Hawaiian Island cruise may be the best option for you. Wake up each morning at a different island, go off and explore and discover which islands you want to return to for an extended stay.

Oahu- The most well- known of all the islands has some of Hawaii’s best known attractions.  Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor and world famous Waikiki Beach are all a must see. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous rent a jeep and drive around the island and visit the North Shore were you will see some of the biggest waves and best surfing around, or stop at Hanauma Bay for incredible snorkeling.

Maui- There are numerous reasons why Maui has been voted “Best Island” by readers of Conde Nast Traveler for nineteen years.  The quaint town of Lahaina, the breath taking beaches of Kaanapali, the magnificence of Haleakala National Park couldn’t be more varied. The island also boasts numerous championship golf courses and five star resorts. The pools of Oheo and the road to Hana round out a perfect Maui stay.

Hawaii- also known as The Big Island is still getting bigger due to constant volcanic activity. Kilauea is the tallest sea mountain in the world at more than 33,000 feet.  A visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park just may afford the view of active volcanic activity. For those looking for a more relaxed day experiencing one of Hawaii’s black sand beaches is not to be missed.

Kauai- The most spectacular and breathtaking of all the islands is the reason Kauai is constantly used at the back drop of so many Hollywood movies.  From the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast to the vast chasms of Waimea Canyon, this island is like no other.  With over 50 miles of white sand beaches, charming and historic small towns and the stunning Wailua Falls, there is so much to explore on Kauai.

Lanai – is the island of untouched tranquility, perfect for those wanting to get away from the crowds and go off the grid.  Dubbed the most romantic and enticing island, Lanai rises to the challenge of living up its nickname.

Molokai  - Boasting unspoiled coastlines, untamed wilderness and serene seascapes, a visit to Molokai is like traveling back in time to an island that stays true to its Hawaiian traditions. No building is taller than a coconut tree and there are no traffic lights. This island will have you feeling like you just took a time machine back to before Hawaii became a state.

Now is the time to discard those bulky winter sweater and put away the hot chocolate. Pull out that suitcase, try on that bathing suit and stock up on the suntan lotion. Pick up that phone and call one of your dedicated Hawaii specialists at Tangerine Travel and before you know it you will be sipping that Mai-Tai watching a spectacular sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

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There was a time when you purchased your airline ticket you knew that was all your were going to pay.  Times have changed and we now live in a ala carte world.  There are service fees for just about everything, which can quickly add up on top of your ticket price. Here is a current listing of some of the most common fees airlines are charging for domestic flights. Please keep in mind that these fees are constantly changing, so always verify with your dedicated Tangerine Agent for the most current fee structures.



Southwest- The only airline that still allows you to check two bags for free.

JetBlue- First bag is free, second bag is $40.

Alaska and Virgin America - $25 for the first and second bag.

American, United, UsAir and Delta- $25 for the first bag, $35 for the second bag.


Southwest- No change fee, Only cost is any difference in airfare.

JetBlue - $75 change fee if outside 60 days, $75-$150 within 60 days depending on ticket cost. Plus any fare difference on either.

Virgin America - $100 change fee, plus any fare difference. $25 - $50 same day change fee, restrictions apply.

Alaska - $125 change fee plus any fare difference.  $25 same day change fee, restrictions apply.

Delta - $200 change fee plus any fare difference.  $50 same day change fee, restrictions apply.

United, American - $200 change fee plus any fare difference. $75 same day change fee, restrictions apply

UsAir - $200 change fee plus any fare difference. No same day change fee.


JetBlue-  Free basic internet. $9 per hour for high speed streaming/downloading.

Southwest - $8 per day

Virgin America - Varies on length of flight. Starting at $4.95. Monthly pass for $39.95

American, Delta, UsAir, Alaska - $14 per day. $39.95 for monthly pass

United - Price vary, charges apply per flight segment.


Southwest - Early bird check in, $12.50 one way. Provides automated check-in, higher boarding priority.

Virgin America- Main Cabin Express $30 one way

American, United, Delta, Jet Blue, UsAir and Alaska - Premium seating prices vary by flight length.


Southwest and JetBlue - Free in-flight tv




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Conde Nast Traveler, the leading travel industry publicaton, has just released their yearly Gold List for The World's Best Places To Stay. Three local Seattle hotels made the list this year, most notably the Hotel 1000 with a score of 91.2 out of a 100. This 120 room upscale hotel in the West Edge neighborhood is only two blocks from Pioneer Square.


The lobby is decorated in warm natural materials, contrasting steel and frosted glass. The rooms offer panoramic views, while the beds have raw silk throws and velvet pillows. The bathrooms come with a limestone-tile walk-in shower and  a huge tub with water cascading from the ceiling.

The hotel is best known for its "fabulous service" by staff who "know how to take care of their guests".  BOKA, the hotel's restaurant is famous for its seasonal Pacific Northwest menu.

Also making the list was Inn at the Market and  Four Seasons Seattle.  We at Tangerine Travel wish to congradulate all three hotels for representing Seattle so proudly and delivering excellent service.  Contact your dedicated Tangerine Travel Agent today, to make reservations and experience any of these three great properties yourself.

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How does the merger between American Airlines and Us Airways impact you?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court appoved the settlement of the lawsuit reached with the U.S. Department of Justice and certain states relating to the merger of AMR Corporation and US Airways Group. The court also ruled that the merger may be consummated despite a pending private antitrust lawsuit. Upon hearing the news the airlines immediately filed for a Plan of Reorganization effective Dec 9, 2013. At which time AMR Corporation will be renamed American Airlines Group Inc. and US Airways Group stock will be converted to the new Amerian Airlines Group Inc.

This merger will result in the creation of the largest carrier in the world.  To win U.S. antitrust approval, the two airlines have agreed to give up slot pairs at several U.S. airports. The two carriers have also agreed to give up 52 slot pairs at   Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. and 17 at New York’s La Guardia Airport to prevent market dominance and price fixing. Competing low cost carriers will also be given more access to airports in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas Love Field and Miami. .



This will probably be the last major airline merger seen for a long time. The experienced traveler knows what is to come having lived through recent mergers of Northwest and Delta Airlines, as well as  United and Continental Airlines. Growing pains are to be expected as the timeline is released and executed. The integration of the new American Airlines will be rolled out in phases and for the time being, each airline will continue to operate as a separate entity well into 2014.



The first phase expected in January will be the introduction of reciprocal frequent-flier benefits allowing travelers to accrue both miles and elite status. Eventually AAdvantage and Dividend Miles will be merged into one program. The most notable change once this occurs is that all members will become part of Oneworld Alliance, which American is currently a member. US Airways partnership with Star Alliance will be terminated.


The entire merger could take up to 18 months to complete. Combining and streamlining of its reservation system, aircraft, flight crews, ticketing, staffing and scheduling will be a daunting task. The new American Airlines will have a lot of history of aviation under its wing. Airlines buffs will remember that at one point TWA, America West, Piedmont and Allegheny Airlines were absorbed into the fold over the last few decades.

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In 2014, the Panama Canal will celebrate its 200th anniversary, followed in 2015 by the addition of new locks. A dream over 400 years in the making, the building of the Canal took a unprecedented effort and cost many lives to connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans — saving seafarers nearly 8,000 miles between New York and San Francisco — and creating one of the most vital sea routes in the world. Travelers today can look upon in awe as they travel through its locks and surrounding environs.

From convenient 11-day Ft. Lauderdale roundtrip sailings to 15-day or longer full transits between each coastline visiting beautiful ports such as Aruba, Cartagena and Cabo San Lucas while taking in some UNESCO World Heritage sites, you are sure to have memorable stories to share with their friends and family. Now is the time to reserve this unique experience of one of mankind's greatest feats. We have exclusive offers, starting at incredible rates. 


Fun historical Panama Canal facts

  • Up to 50,000 workers at a time helped carve through 51 miles of earth and hard granite to form the Panama Canal
  • Over the course of 400 years from conception to construction, the project changed hands several times, ultimately taking ten years and $382 million to complete
  • Each lock measures 110 feet across and 1,050 feet in length, with solid steel gates six feet thick
  • Ships are raised and lowered through the locks by gravity using water pulled from Gatun Lake
  • Annually, nearly 300 million tons of shipping is trafficked through the Canal
  • About 52 million gallons of water fill each lock of the Canal
  • Over 13,000 vessels pass through every year

Click here to send us an email or call 1-800-678-8202

Ask for Susan, Michelle or Betsy in our personal travel department.

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Speak to any flight attendant and you will be amazed by the stories of their experiences over the years.  Of course you will hear about medical emergencies, unruly passengers, weather delays and the bizarre outfits people wear on flights. What amazes them most however; is what passengers leave behind for flight attendants and aircraft cleaners to find.

It begs the question, how do these items get left behind?  To clarify we are not talking about food items or reading materials, but possessions of great personal or financial value.  Cell phones, laptops, eye glasses and passports are all common items found on a daily basis in seatbacks and overhead compartments. However, it is the uncommon items that have airline employee scratching their heads and wondering what the story behind the objects may be.


How does one leave behind a prosthetic leg, glass eye, toupee, used diaper  or a set of dentures?  You would think one would never forget a pet, but that also happens often. We aren’t talking about a dog or cat either; some of the more bizarre animals found were a parrot, frog, tortoise and even a falcon. Then there are those items that don’t fall into any category like a wedding dress, a bag of diamonds, handcuffs and a single egg with no packaging.

We would like to hear from you. What is the most bizarre thing you have left on a plane? When did you realize you had forgotten it?  Did you get it back? You can send us an email here.  This holiday season take a moment to check before you deplane and make sure what you brought on board leaves with you.


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Sandals Barbados all inclusive property is now open

Barbados is home of exotic locales, a rich history, and an extensive variety of sports and activities. With a spectacular landscape that changes dramatically from one town to the next, each locale possesses an equally interesting and varied pace, offering activities and entertainment for nature lovers, club-goers, and adventurers alike. Escape to this exotic gem where deep caverns and monkey-populated forests abound against the setting of rocky cliffs, white-sand beaches, and sparkling seas.


Every Sandals resort destination sits directly on a stunning beach, on four of the most gorgeous islands in a region famous for its endless white sand expanses, exquisite turquoise waters and romantic sunsets. From Jamaica's warm reggae pulse to the Bahamas' sophisticated beat and from St. Lucia's volcanic majesty to Antigua's exotic allure, Sandals provides the best beach resort experience in the Caribbean in a glorious all-inclusive package.

Island Hop with Sandals!

Experience both Sandals properties in the BahamasSandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau and then fly to Great Exuma play some golf and stay at Sandals Emerald BayCombine the 3 St Lucia Sandals (Grande St Lucian, Halcyon Beach and Regency La Toc) with the gorgeous Sandals Grande Antigua.  St Lucia has a volcano, a rain forest preserve and is surrounded by incredible turquoise water while Antigua has 365 beaches….one for every day of the year!  Let’s get started visiting each beach. Why wait?

Click here to send us an email or call 1-800-678-8202

Ask for Susan, Michelle or Betsy in our personal travel department.



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From the desk of Betsy Lane

Calling all the armchair quarterbacks, here is the getaway you have been dreaming and preparing for your entire life. Who hasn't envisioned attending a Super Bowl and this year's event promises to be one that shouldn't be missed. 's Super Bowl  XLVIII is being held at Met Life Stadium in the New York/New Jersey  home of the Giants and the Jets. For the first time ever there will be an outdoor winter Super Bowl and we can get you there. 

Here are the Super Bowl services we can provide:

  • Round trip airfare
  • Three, four and five star hotel accommodations in New York City
  • Super Bowl game tickets
  • Group seating blocks
  • Special Super Bowl gift bag
  • Full transportation including limo, SUV's and deluxe motor coaches
  • NFL player/celebrity appearances
  • On-site concierge service
  • Premium game-day hospitality
  • And much more


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Travel tips for the holiday season

Thanksgiving is only three weeks away and so is the official kick of the holiday travel season. In fact the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after are the two heaviest traveled days of the year. Navigating your way through the airport on a Wednesday in April can be taxing on enough. Navigating the airport during the holiday season can wear down even the most seasoned traveler.  Don’t fret you can prepare yourself for oversold flights, endless security lines and crowded overhead bins and we are here to help you do just that. First things first, if you haven’t made your reservations yet, do so immediately. Flights are selling out at a record pace.



The next thing to do is get into the right frame of mind. If you accept the fact that your travel may be more chaotic and stressful than usual before you leave the house, you already have a leg up. Always check in on-line for your flight 24 hours in advance. You want to secure a boarding pass with a seat assignment, even if all that is available is a middle seat.  Doing this in advance allows you to skip the kiosk line and also greatly reduces your chance of being denied boarding in an oversold situation.



 The next step is to pack efficiently and limit what you bring to one checked and one carry- on bag. This will reduce the checked bag fees and guarantee you have space onboard for your carry-on. If you plan to bring gifts with you, remember they must be unwrapped. Gift cards are the way to go if you are flying.



It’s also good to review the most current TSA requirements. Knowing ahead of time what you can bring onboard and what must be removed from your carry-on bag will keep the line moving at a quicker pace. Think of your carry-on bag as a survival kit and follow the Boys Scouts motto “Always be prepared”, especially if you are traveling with small children. Having a supply of snacks and games as well as movies downloaded on your electronic devices will help pass the time. Packing a pair of earplugs may also be a life saver to minimize the sounds aboard a crowded plane.



If you are renting a car, you will want to secure an express identification number ahead of time. The last thing you want to do after claiming your luggage is to wait in another long line. With an express ID your car will be waiting for you in an assigned slot and you can be on your way.  Be aware of hidden charges for toll collection devices, insurance and pre-purchased gas. Researching in advance what if any coverage you will require can greatly reduce your bill.

Lastly let your electronic devices work for you by downloading apps that can make your trip go smoother. Suggested apps would first be a GPS device if your phone doesn’t already have one. You will also want the app for the airline you are flying which will allow you to keep up to date on any delays and gate changes. There are also apps for locating the least expensive gas stations and the best places to eat nearby. Of course you always want to make sure you have Tangerine Travel’s phone number stored. Should you need any assistance at all, we are here for you 24/7.


Happy Holidays

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