Joint Authorities Technical Review team is formed to inspect Boeing’s 737 MAX software updates

Joint Authorities Technical Review team is formed to inspect Boeing’s 737 MAX software updates




On April 19th, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration announced a joint governmental review of the Boeing 737 MAX will begin on April 29th.

The Joint Authorities Technical Review (JATR) is set to last 90 days and will include officials from China, the European Aviation Safety Agency, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, even including NASA.

The JATR will be chaired by former National Transport Safety Board chairman, Chris Hart. The team will conduct a comprehensive review of the aircraft’s automated flight control system, including design and pilots’ interaction with the system, and will aim “to identify future enhancements that might be needed” the FAA said.

Although Boeing has announced it is working on the update of the 737 MAX software, and the FAA called the updates “operationally suitable,” the company has not formally submitted it to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). FAA’s Flight Standardization Board recommends that pilots take additional computer-based training for the automated flight system.

As of April 16th, Boeing has completed 96 flights total – accounting for 159 hours of air time with the new MAX software. The company has stopped deliveries and reduced the MAX production by 20% while it works on the updates, and is also currently improving its approach to airlines by having their representatives experience the modified control system in flight simulators.

However, until the final approval of the new MAX operating system is complete, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines Co. have canceled flights with the 737 MAX until August. While AA has extended cancellations until August 19 (having 115 flights affected over the summer), Southwest has removed the aircraft from its schedule until August 5. Both airlines are getting in contact with passengers and rebooking flights that were arranged on the aircraft during this period.

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