JetSuiteX to launch service between Seattle and Oakland in July

JetSuiteX to launch service between Seattle and Oakland in July

JetSuiteX launch service July

On April 23rd, JetSuiteX announced the launch of daily round-trip commercial service between Seattle’s Boeing Field (BFI) and Oakland (OAK) starting July 1st.

JetSuiteX is a small California-based airline that has a code-sharing partnership with JetBlue and operates from private and community airports. By entering such markets, the company will compete directly with Alaska Airlines, Spirit, Delta, American and Southwest to and from the Bay Area.

The company will operate the route with a 30-seat Embraer 135 jet, offer in-flight Wi-Fi, provide 36 inches of leg room, and allow two pieces of free checked baggage weighing 50lbs combined (there is no overhead storage). Fares start at $99 each way (before taxes, for non-refundable tickets).

Combining the convenience of a private jet with the pricing of a commercial airline, it appeals to frequent business fliers by avoiding delays between Seattle and Sea-Tac, reducing security-lines, and shortening wait-time at the airport – allowing passengers to show up at the airport’s private terminal 30 minutes before their flight.

According to Alex Wilcox, JetSuiteX’s co-founder and CEO, “we have big designs for this airport, and we want to have far more than three flights a day, and more destinations than just Oakland as well… This is just the beginning. We’re just dipping our toe in the pool first.”

Flights will initially be offered three times a day from Sunday to Friday, and twice daily on Saturdays.

Aside from this addition, JetSuiteX currently operates 300 weekly flights from Orange County (SNA), Concord/East Bay (CCR), Oakland (OAK), Burbank (BUR), all in California, and Las Vegas (LAS) in Nevada, and seasonal flights to and from Coachella Valley/Thermal (TRM) and Mammoth (MMH), also in California.

Wilcox states that security measures won’t be sacrificed by the shorter time on the ground. According to him, JetSuiteX is the only charter carrier to participate in TSA’s Secure Flight Program (which checks out passengers traveling to, from, and within the United States), and assures that passengers and bags will be screened for explosives.

The company aims to expand its fleet from 10 to 20 aircraft until the end of 2019, and grow it to 40 by the end of 2020. JetSuite Inc. (a charter aviation company and JetSuiteX’ sister company) is due to launch in early 2020, its first hybrid-electric aircraft from the Bothell-based maker Zunum Aero (a manufacturer that is financially backed by JetBlue Technology Ventures and Boeing HorizonX Ventures).

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