Hertz and Clear partner-up to expedite services

Hertz and Clear partner-up to expedite services

hertz logo on top of clear logo

In order to improve customer experience and reduce time spent on exit lines at the Hertz Atlanta airport location, the company has partnered with Clear to offer a biometric and facial recognition system to travelers who are both Clear and Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members.

With operations having started in December of 2018, Hertz plans to replicate the Fast Lane at more than 40 additional locations by the end of 2019, including LAX, JFK and SFO. This new operation allows travelers to leave the location with a fingerprint or face recognition method, instead of showing identification (since ID information has been already stored by Clear).

Although new to the car rental industry, and offering its first use of facial recognition, Clear has nearly 3 million members and is best known for its fast airport lanes. The company has already expanded services into other areas such as sports stadiums (including 9 MLB teams and Seattle’s CenturyLink and Safeco fields) serving as a fast admission lane and lines for faster purchase of alcoholic beverages.

According to Hertz, customers have expressed that speed is “absolutely critical” to satisfactory travel, with this partnership, time required to exit the location will be significantly reduced from about two minutes to 30 seconds or less – needing only to link both Clear and Gold Plus accounts to use the lane.

Ask your Tangerine Travel agent how to sign up for Clear.