With record high passenger loads on most flights and the declining punctuality of airlines, receiving up-to-the-minute updates has never been more important. 

Tangerine Travel is proud to provide FlightStats Messaging, a powerful system that provides you with up-to-date information on your flights, notifying you of any changes that occur prior to departure, during travel or post travel, such as information on baggage claim changes.

FlightStats Messaging allows you to set up a profile to receive notification of your flight’s status prior to and while traveling.  You can receive status messages either in email or text messaging formats, alerting you of any possible delays, cancellations, gate changes, and re-accommodations.  These timely, relevant messages can be sent to your cell phone, PDA or desktop, whichever you prefer.  

This new service provides more timely and relevant notification than even the airlines can offer in many cases, and puts you first in line for re-accommodation.  
Traveler Benefits

  • Risk reduction – Proactive re-accommodation gets travelers to their destination on time.
  • Stress reduction – Travelers know that they are being taken care of, and that they have an edge if something should go wrong.
  • A smoother trip – With traveler messaging, the traveler is always aware of trip status with a pre-trip full itinerary recap, real-time status updates, accurate flight and airport information.
  • Higher productivity – The traveler can concentrate on the deal rather than the journey, and depend on messages to keep them informed.

Corporate Benefits

  • Lower travel costs – Better recovery from delays and cancellations, reduction in change fees, and fewer extra hotel stays.
  • Higher sales revenue – Improved travel outcomes and fewer missed opportunities.
  • Lower administrative costs – Gain travel department efficiencies through pro-active monitoring and response.

Pricing Structure 

Individual Traveler Subscription - $10.00 per month
All Company Subscription - $100.00 per month for 1-50 Travelers and $250.00 per month for 51+ Travelers

To sign up for this service please include your name, company and phone number at