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    Group travel can be a daunting proposition. Where do you begin?  You have a budget, a destination, and a crowd depending on you to get
    them there logically and affordably...

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    We are proud that Tangerine Travel is one of the first agencies in Washington State, to be accredited to sell travel to space. 

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    We want to make your corporate travels as seamless as possible. By letting us know your preferences and membership numbers, we
    can do our job more efficiently and effectively.


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    A personal travel service where every expectation is understood and your utmost luxury is anticipated.


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    Tangerine Travel, Ltd. is a much awarded, 27-year, full-service travel agency. We are the largest travel agency based in the Pacific
    Northwest, encompassing every kind of travel...

    About Tangerine Travel

Corporate Department

Without ever losing the human touch of a great travel management company, we offer a full array of services to our corporate clients. 

A sampling includes:

  • Dedicated agent and account manager support
  • 24-hour assistance staffed by Tangerine Travel employees
  • Comprehensive reports
  • International rate desk and passport/visa assistance
  • Account analysis (to identify savings and efficiency opportunities)

In addition to high quality attention, our clients benefit from our comprehensive network of resources and our state of the art technology.   We specialize so you don’t have to.  

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We want to make your corporate travels as seamless as possible. By letting us know your preferences and membership numbers, we can do our job more efficiently and effectively.
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Ready to book a business trip? Simply fill out the travel request form. A Tangerine corporate travel consultant will contact you within 24 business hours with a sample itinerary.
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Meet Your Corporate Consultant

Tangerine’s corporate consultants have an average of thirteen years experience in the travel industry and have the knowledge and expertise to handle every type of corporate travel need. Many of our corporate accounts have been using Tangerine for a number of years and they realize tremendous cost savings and the value of using Tangerine as their travel management company.

Monica Lieske 
Elite Desk

Monica has been with Tangerine Travel since 1998 and works in the Corporate Department on Tangerine's Elite Desk. Before joining the corporate department 5 years ago, she was arranging groups and meetings travel with Tangerine's Group Department. 
Monica has enjoyed traveling to many destinations throughout the U.S. and internationally. Some of her favorite trips have taken her to many of the Hawaiian Islands, London, Paris, Mexico City, Bora Bora, Tahiti and a number of the Islands in the Caribbean.

Darlene Rudee 
Corporate Travel Consultant

Darlene is a Washington native and has been in the travel industry for more than 16 years. Although she has worked as both a corporate and vacation agent, corporate travel is her passion. Darlene enjoys working with and getting to know her travelers and their travel planners. Prior to working at Tangerine Travel, she served as Travel Supervisor for a large Northwest corporation. In her spare time she likes to garden, go to the beach and of course travel! Darlene's favorite trips are sunny destinations including Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. She even named her golden retriever Maui, which is her favorite Hawaiian island. Darlene and her husband travel annually to Las Vegas in the spring.

Regina Morris 
Corporate Travel Consultant

Regina is originally from San Jose, CA and has lived in the great Northwest since 1994. She has been in the travel industry for more than 15 years and started with United Airlines in Reservations. As a travel consultant, her emphasis is on international travel plans for the corporate client. Regina has traveled throughout Europe and the South Pacific. Fiji is her favorite and she just returned from a vacation there!

Sue Buchman-Wiita 
Corporate Travel Consultant

Sue is a native Washingtonian and has been in the travel industry for 27 years. She has been in both vacation and corporate travel, but loves the challenge and fast pace of the corporate side of travel. Sue has traveled to Australia (for wine tasting), Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii and all over the other 48 U.S. states. Her favorite destination is Australia. She is a cat lover and has two 17 year old cats who are sisters, Tipp & Bailey. Sue also enjoys her African Gray Parrot, Zachary.

Krista Clanton
Corporate Travel Consultant

Krista is a Northwest gal and has lived in Washington State most of her life. She has an Associates Degree in Travel and Airlines, and has been involved in almost every aspect of booking travel; however, she prefers the fast-paced challenges of corporate travel. Krista has been in the travel industry for more than 14 years, 9 of which have been at Tangerine Travel. Krista has traveled to Hawaii, Mexico and Europe, and has cruised Alaska and Mexico. Her favorite vacation is traveling to either the island of Kauai or the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Andrea Brienes
Corporate Travel Consultant

Andrea has been in the travel industry for more than fifteen years and began her career in California doing leisure travel for three years before moving to Kirkland. After starting at Tangerine Travel, Andrea moved to the corporate department and after almost three years in Kirkland, she moved to New York. Her favorite places to travel are any place the sun shines, especially locations such as Hawaii and the Caribbean. In her spare time she enjoys relaxing at the beach and going for walks.

Suzanne Keefe
Corporate Travel Consultant

Suzanne has been in the travel industry for 17 years and has been a lead agent at several agencies. Suzanne has primarily been a corporate agent, but has also been the Quality Control agent and trainer at Tangerine Travel. Suzanne lived in Seattle for 6 years before moving to NH to be closer to family, and now works from home there. She holds a BA degree in Liberal Arts (Spanish, English, and Psych). She is fluent in Spanish and has spent time studying in Spain. Suzanne has traveled to Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Hawaii, England, Ireland, Spain, France, Thailand, and most of the United States.

Traci Biss
Corporate Travel Consultant

Traci has brought to Tangerine Travel 23 years of industry experience. She had done both vacation and corporate travel but now really enjoys the fast pace of concentrating on international business travel. She has traveled to Japan, Brazil, all over Europe, Mexico and most of the United States. Destinations with history are exciting and her favorite is Italy. She also really enjoys beach destinations and is about to enjoy an upcoming vacation to Maui.

Angelica Dukes
Corporate International Travel Consultant

Originally from Goa, a former Portuguese colony, Angelica was born and raised in Bombay, India. She received her Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Bombay. Angelica lived and worked in Germany and Switzerland and has been in the U.S. since 1990. In the past, she has worked for Air India, Air Canada, Royal Air Maroc and United Airlines. Since 1994, Angelica has worked for two different travel agencies doing corporate travel. She speaks German, French, Hindi, Marathi and some Swedish and Arabic. .

Carly Ross

Corporate Travel Consultant

Carly has been working in the travel industry for the past 11 years. She has worked in both corporate and vacation where she booked Hawaii and Mexico packages exclusively. Carly prefers to work corporate travel because she can really get to know her clients. When you already know what they prefer it can make the process seamless. In her free time you can find her at the local ice rink catching a Seattle Thunderbirds game or on the lake watching the boats race.

Silvia Reggiani-Brandi
Corporate Travel Consultant

Corporate Travel ConsultantSilvia was born and raised in Torino Italy, lived in Tornoto Canada and now resides in White Plains, NY with her husband and daughter. She has been in the travel industry for 20 plus years working for travel agencies as well as EOS Airlines as a reservation agent. Her hobbies include photography and travel. She has been to 13 countries in Europe, most of the Caribbean Island and has sailed on 10 cruises.