Boeing expects the certification and implementation of the updated software to happen in the upcoming weeks


As Boeing has officially admitted that an anti-stall system may have played a role in the downing of the 737 Max in October of last year as well as in March (Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines respectively), the company has worked on a software update, and has announced it’s temporarily bringing production levels down from 52 to 42 aircraft per month.

Boeing Chief Executive, Dennis Muilenburg, said that “related production teams will maintain their current employment levels while we continue to invest in the broader health and quality of our production system and supply chain.”

Muilenburg also said that the company says it will not rush the update of the system and that Boeing is “taking a comprehensive, disciplined approach, and taking the time to get the software update right… All who fly on it – the passengers, flight attendants and pilots, including our own family and friends – deserve our best.”

Although there is no specific date for the release of the updated software, Boeing is working directly with the FAA and anticipates the certification and implementation on the 737 Max will happen in the upcoming weeks. The software implementation will also be matched by “comprehensive pilot training and supplementary education programs” says Boeing’s Commercial Airplanes President, Kevin McAllister.


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