Ritz-Carlton to launch fleet of cruise ships in 2020

Ritz-Carlton to launch three luxury cruise ships in 2020 Ritz-Carlton Hotels revealed their plans to launch a luxury cruise line, with three ships set to sail in 2020. Reservations will be open to Ritz-Carlton rewards members this May, and all other travelers in June. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, something between a superyacht and a small ocean liner, is designed to crush the stereotypes of a traditional cruise ship. According to Bloomberg, the ships will accommodate […]

2018’s Most Expensive Cities for Business Travel

Scroll through the gallery to view the 10 most expensive cities for business travel in 2018 Francesca Street, CNN Business travel can be a pricey affair — whether it’s grabbing that extra takeaway coffee to battle jet lag or paying out more than your clothes cost in the first place for the hotel laundry. But which city is the most expensive for business travel? Management consultant ECA International has tallied up leading destinations to find out which will leave travelers […]

How to Stay Safe When You Use Airport Wifi

Protect yourself and your information when traveling Free WiFi can be a blessing when you’re on the go, but could it also be a curse? The convenience of airport WiFi doesn’t need to come at the cost of risking your personal identity. Read these tips to find out how you can protect yourself. Verify the Airport Network WiFi Name Creating a fake WiFi network is surprisingly easy. Equipped with a WiFi hotspot small enough to […]

Alaska Airlines is shrinking your carry-on size

Starting June 4, 2018, the carry-on bag size limit for Alaska Airlines, Horizon, and SkyWest flights will change The allowed carry-on baggage size will shrink for Alaska Airlines, Horizon and SkyWest this summer. The current carry-on size limit is 24”x17”x10”. The size will reduce to 22”x14”9” beginning on June 4. Alaska claims that its current size is larger than most international and domestic airlines currently allow, and states that the change is “to make sure […]

JetBlue considers transatlantic

Could JetBlue take to the skies over the North Atlantic? JetBlue nears its decision to move into the most competitive market in the skies: the North Atlantic. The airline’s premium class “Mint” has serious potential for success in a market oversaturated with budget airlines. A strong demand for premium services on transatlantic flights means JetBlue’s sales could soar. In order to accommodate long haul, the airline will need to acquire the highly efficient narrow-body Airbus […]