Southwest Airlines introduces new services and a new name

Earlier this month, Southwest Airlines introduced a new suite of services and a new name: Southwest Business. The change will provide travel managers and travel management companies (TMCs) with new capabilities within Travelport’s global distribution systems and the Amadeus Travel Platform, as well as a wider range of capabilities for reporting and settlement. TMCs will have access to more of Southwest’s fares and flight schedules. These new offerings will keep many of the company’s budget-friendly […]

The brand new Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia is now open

Located at the top of the 1,212-foot-tall Comcast Technology Center (the tallest building in Philadelphia, and the 10th highest in the country), the hotel is situated between the 48th and the 60th floors boasting unobstructed floor-to-ceiling views of the city in all of its 189 rooms and 39 suites. Christian Clerc, president of worldwide hotel operations, said that “from architecture to design, artistry and innovation, culinary mastery and wellness expertise, we have worked closely with […]

FAA approves new middle seat design and U.S. carriers make their bets

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved a new seating design that makes the middle seat wider (21in compared to 18in), more comfortable, and more desirable for short-haul flights. Molon Labe Seating, the company behind the creation of the S1 seating structure, has been working on this design for approximately five years. The goal was to create a product that would increase passengers’ comfort without reducing a plane’s capacity. S1 puts the middle seat several […]

New Hawaiian options for fall

By being a constant innovator in the tourism industry, Hawaii has been able to remain relevant and to attract both longtime and first-time visitors due to the diversity of experiences available across all islands. Whenever visiting the state, travelers are welcomed to new hotels, activities, and products that range from exclusive vintage boutique properties, to unforgettable sunset dinner sails – all customizable to fulfill any travel desires. Lodging ESPACIO, The Jewel of Waikiki (Oahu), is […]

Comparing Trusted Travel Programs to help you speed through airport security lines

Security lines are a pain point even for the most experienced travelers out there, something we would all avoid going through if it was possible.Good news: it is! To help you speed through, and to make the best decision based on your travel needs, we have compared the most common U.S. Trusted Travel Programs, including CLEAR for you. These programs provide modified screening for pre-approved members, and improve security by being more efficient during screenings. […]