American Airlines’ It’s Cool to Fly program helps children with Autism

April is National Autism Awareness Month and for the past five years American Airlines has been hosting its annual event in recognition. It’s Cool to Fly is a program created to raise awareness and acceptance of autism and to the thousands of people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) every year, and to give travelers with ASD a trial airport and flight experience. It’s Cool to Fly is a three-and-a-half-hour free program that allows passengers […]

Travel industry still believes in blockchain

  A few years ago, blockchain promised to revolutionize industries, and to bring more transparency across the most different sectors; however, it did not happen the way imagined. Even though the conversation started with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain can actually be used to trade/exchange all sorts of documents and information around the world – within people/entities that belong to the same “block.” Understanding the utility and agility of the system, the travel industry has not […]

Boeing expects the certification and implementation of the updated software to happen in the upcoming weeks

As Boeing has officially admitted that an anti-stall system may have played a role in the downing of the 737 Max in October of last year as well as in March (Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines respectively), the company has worked on a software update, and has announced it’s temporarily bringing production levels down from 52 to 42 aircraft per month. Boeing Chief Executive, Dennis Muilenburg, said that “related production teams will maintain their current […]

From our Mailbox – El Salvador

From our Travelers to You Two of our travelers have just returned form El Salvador and would like to share some pictures of their amazing trip. We hope you enjoy it!   Thank you to everyone over at Tangerine for helping make our trip to El Salvador as smooth as can be. Here are a few pictures: from our room as the sun rose and set our new friend who drove us to a great doctor when I […]

United Airlines becomes the first U.S. carrier to offer gender-neutral options during booking

  On March 22, United Airlines became the first U.S. airline to offer gender-neutral options (other than male and female) during the booking process. Passengers now have the option to choose between U (undisclosed) and X (unspecified) – corresponding to what is indicated on their passport or other government-issued identification. Another option, available during booking of MileagePlus frequent fliers, is the gender-neutral title “Mx” (pronounced ‘mix’) along with the traditional Mr., Mrs., and Ms. United […]