• Groups

    Group travel can be a daunting proposition. Where do you begin?  You have a budget, a destination, and a crowd depending on you to get
    them there logically and affordably...

    On The Vine

  • Vacation

    We are proud that Tangerine Travel is one of the first agencies in Washington State, to be accredited to sell travel to space. 

    Personal Travel

  • Corporate

    We want to make your corporate travels as seamless as possible. By letting us know your preferences and membership numbers, we
    can do our job more efficiently and effectively.


  • Step into Luxury

    A personal travel service where every expectation is understood and your utmost luxury is anticipated.


  • About Tangerine Travel

    Tangerine Travel, Ltd. is a much awarded, 27-year, full-service travel agency. We are the largest travel agency based in the Pacific
    Northwest, encompassing every kind of travel...

    About Tangerine Travel


Step into a new world.  Like the personal assistants of another era, Anjilis offers complete services that bring every aspect of travel together for the discerning ultra traveler.  Our coordinated, world-wise concierge services offer everything you have ever anticipated.  Butlers, chefs, nannies, world-class security, and trusted local guides.  Our travel consultants are connected, creative and discreet. 

Anjilis is a personal travel service where every expectation is understood and your utmost luxury is anticipated.

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