Alaska Airlines to Serve up Salt and Straw Ice Cream!

Alaska Airlines to Serve up Salt and Straw Ice Cream!

Salt and Straw Ice CreamIf you are looking for another reason to fly first class on Alaska Airlines cross country flights, here you go. Now serving in the forward cabin – Salt and Straw, deliciously interesting ice cream.

The Portland-based ice creamery will be serving up their new single scoops on cross country flights. Alaska Airlines will receive twice weekly shipments of the specially packaged ice cream. Just how will the ice cream stay frozen? Dry ice of course.

“Our ice cream is taking flight,” Salt and Straw CEO and co-founder Kim Malek. “We’re so excited.”

Economy class wants to know when the ice cream will be making its way towards the back of the plane. “That’s everyone’s dream,” responded Malek. But before it can be served to everyone, Salt and Straw needs to start small and make sure that the ice cream can be served effectively in the sky.

Flavor testing is ongoing as they also need to find just the right flavors for airline travelers. Head Ice Cream Maker, and Kim Malek’s cousin, Tyler Malek, says the main flavors people crave when flying are salt and acid. The two flavors he settled on are, meyer lemon custard with blueberries, which is currently only available in southern California, and sea salt with caramel ribbons. Ummm YUM!!!

Heading westbound you will enjoy the lemon ice cream, and the sea salt on eastbound flights. The next flavor to be introduced will be a toasted white chocolate and fresh strawberry jam. Ready to book your first class seats? Give us a call! If you wish to stay on the ground, stop by their Ballard or Pike location in Seattle and order a scoop or two or three.