About Our Team

At Tangerine, we have created a vibrant, exciting, hard-working culture and can confidently say our team is composed of the most incredible travel consultants that will ensure a seamless travel experience. 

Our consultants have an average of 20 years experience in the travel industry. All are avid travelers; much of their knowledge and that 'human touch' service is derived from their personal experience. This emotional investment in travel gives Tangerine the edge when it comes to ensuring a stress-free, everything-you-could-have-possibly-wanted travel experience!

All of our travel consultants — Personal, Corporate, and Luxury — are eager and excited to get to know you and help coordinate your travel to any destination.

From the CEO

When I founded Tangerine Travel over 30 years ago, my goal was to create a top-of-the-line, world-class service that provided the finest travel experiences at the best value. But that wasn't all — I had years of travel experience already and the thing I noticed sorely lacking in the travel agency industry was a personal touch. I decided Tangerine Travel was going to provide a genuine, refreshing human touch to all of our services. I want to give my clients a personal attention at any time day or night, giving you the finest travel experience and the best value.

And that is exactly what I built! From the moment you step through our doors you will experience a refreshing difference that is not found among other travel agencies.

Angie Lepley, Founder and CEO

Your Corporate Travel Consultants


Corporate Travel Consultant

Tara is a native to Washington and has been with Tangerine Travel for over 19 years and has been in the travel industry for almost 27 years. She has devoted herself to the fast paced challenges of Corporate travel for most of her career. Tara has traveled all over the United states, as well as Italy, Greece, Turkey, Ireland, The UK, Tahiti, Bali, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore…just to name a few. Her favorite destinations are anywhere with sunshine and a beautiful beach.


Corporate Travel Consultant

Carly has been working in the travel industry for the past 11 years. She has worked in both corporate and vacation where she booked Hawaii and Mexico packages exclusively. Carly prefers to work corporate travel because she can really get to know her clients. When you already know what they prefer it can make the process seamless. In her free time you can find her at the local ice rink catching a Seattle Thunderbirds game or on the lake watching the boats race.


Corporate Travel Consultant

Suzanne has been in the travel industry for 19 years and has been a lead agent at several agencies. Suzanne has primarily been a corporate agent, but has also been the Quality Control agent and trainer at Tangerine Travel. Suzanne lived in Seattle for 6 years before moving to NH to be closer to family and now works from home there. She holds a BA degree in Liberal Arts (Spanish, English, and Psych). She is fluent in Spanish and has spent time studying in Spain.

Your Personal Travel Consultants


Personal Travel Consultant

I'm an adventurer at heart and rarely one to sit idle. I was always the kid itching to get out and explore on family trips. Since joining Tangerine Travel in 2012, I have caught the travel bug! My travels have taken me from the stunning Sainte-Chapelle Cathedral and the Louvre in Paris, to the turquoise waters of Cancun. Through Tangerine's travel partners I will help you create a trip that is designed with your travel needs at the forefront. It is time to take the leap and start planning your next memory making experience.


Personal Travel Consultant

My traveling experiences began at a young age with my Dad on business trips. I spring-boarded from there to travel as an exchange student. After being immersed in a foreign culture, I knew my quest for adventure would not be easily quenched. One of my favorite destinations is Europe. I love to inspire others to dream big and step outside their comfort zone to explore new and out of the way places. I would be honored to help you plan your travels.

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