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    Group travel can be a daunting proposition. Where do you begin?  You have a budget, a destination, and a crowd depending on you to get
    them there logically and affordably...

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    We are proud that Tangerine Travel is one of the first agencies in Washington State, to be accredited to sell travel to space. 

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    We want to make your corporate travels as seamless as possible. By letting us know your preferences and membership numbers, we
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    A personal travel service where every expectation is understood and your utmost luxury is anticipated.


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    Tangerine Travel, Ltd. is a much awarded, 27-year, full-service travel agency. We are the largest travel agency based in the Pacific
    Northwest, encompassing every kind of travel...

    About Tangerine Travel


Why a Tangerine Travel Consultant is the Right Choice for Your Travel Needs

The overwhelming amount of travel information available today can be daunting for those researching. The abundant amount of information is one of the greatest reasons why the services of a professional travel consultant are more valuable than ever. Those in the travel industry have access to booking information that can bring savings to clients.  Although savings are important reasons for using a travel consultant, their services are much more than finding the lowest fare available. See the reasons why booking corporate or leisure travel with Tangerine Travel will help anyones upcoming travel needs.

  1. Tangerine Travel consultants are travel experts. Through ongoing familiarization, continuing education and customer feedback, Tangerine Travel consultants put their industry knowledge to work and organize the best travel for each client. 
  2. In the travel industry, suppliers do not advise travelers that a better route or a better fare is available amongst their competition. Tangerine Travel consultants investigate and supply competitive information to those booking with us.  
  3. Each consultant takes time to analyze current promotions and fares to establish which the least expensive and best fit are for our clients. 
  4. Tangerine Travel clients benefit from our travel consultants experience that can save our clients’ money and headaches in many ways. Our consultants will clarify the fine print, such as cancellation penalties and restrictions for you.
  5. Tangerine Travel consultants share their knowledge about a variety of topics, from where to eat and where to shop, to what to pack and what to see. 
  6. Travel consultants can provide one-stop shopping for travelers when booking air travel, rental cars, cruise accommodations and hotel stays. We want to ensure our clients feel they are getting the best product for their money and have the best interest of the client in mind at all times.
  7. Tangerine Travel is a member of Virtuoso, an invite only, elite travel network where unique experiences you cannot find online or plan yourself can be created. Many of our corporate clients use our vacation planning services and are the recipients of these value-added benefits and amenities.
  8. Tangerine Travel has more buying power than the average traveler booking online, whether it’s booking an airline seat, hotel room or cruise space.
  9. Tangerine Travel consultants are advocates for our clients in the event something inadvertently goes wrong. We are available 24/7 to help in times of need, be it due to weather, to change an itinerary or if a train line is down. 
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