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5 Travel Tips for the Relaxed Road Warrior

When staying in a new place each week, Road Warriors can struggle planning and preparing for a different location. Tangerine Travel knows with a little foresight, planning, and a positive outlook, our clients can turn their next business trip into a productive and enjoyable experience. Below are tips to make business travel more comfortable for our road warriors.

1. Stick to a Schedule

Before arriving, create a detailed schedule for your days away and the tasks you aim to accomplish. We suggest scheduling all meetings in the same location to cut down on the amount of running around you have to do. While sitting tight might not be the most interesting option, especially if you are in an exciting new location, you will save yourself the logistical stress of running across town between meetings.

2. Pack Light

Pack the essentials for your business trip. You know exactly what to expect from your schedule, so pack accordingly—whether you need a tailored suit for a slew of formal business meetings or business casual for an industry conference. Select clothing in solid, neutral colors that can be combined and layered to create multiple outfits. Considering the cost for checked luggage, packing a carry-on suitcase will save you time and money.

3. Keep Track of Your Expenses

Streamline the expense-reporting process by tracking your expenses digitally. Booking your airfare, rental car and hotel with Tangerine Travel ensures that all your information with be on one itinerary. If you use Concur to book travel, Concur Expense is a great tool to keep all receipts for reimbursement organized.

4. Download Your Airline’s App

Instead of waiting for the gate agents to announce your airplane’s status, get real-time updates from the app. In addition to the airline app, download GateGuru for seamless boarding and flight experiences.

5. Treat Yourself to a VIP Lounge

Treat yourself to a comfy chair at the airline lounge. If you are not flying business class, or your ticket does not come with access to the lounge, many airports offer day passes at their own home lounges. Looking for a lounge at your airport? Use Lounge Buddy, the app that gives lounge reviews and offers the opportunity to pay for lounges at a set price. Take advantage of free food, drinks, and wifi to get work done while you are waiting to take off. 

With these five tips, business trips can be seamless and stress-free. Is there something in your routine that gets you through you busy travel week? Share your tips in the commons below!

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