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2017 Top Corporate Travel Tips

As corporate travel continues to grow in 2017, Tangerine Travel consultants have put together a few travel tips that can help Road Warriors make it through their next business trip. 

Release Muscle Tension

Traveling often can often cause the body to tighten up. While there are great ways to stretch and roll out muscles with foam rollers and bands, those can be inconvenient to pack in a carry on. We suggest packing a tennis ball in your bag or briefcase on your next trip. They are small, inexpensive and easy to replace if left behind. Tennis balls are great to roll under your feet and legs to keep you from getting stiff or sore.

Rewards Programs

Road Warriors need simplicity when it comes to managing rewards. From specific companies’ credit cards to mileage numbers, points can be worth a good amount of money, especially with how you redeem them. Sites like AwardWallet offer a one-stop shop for tracking miles from all your accounts, including information like passwords and expiration dates.

Charge Personal Devices

Allow yourself entertainment options when traveling by making sure all of your personal devices are charged. The day before your trip charge everything you are going to need and pack it in your carry-on to eliminate any stress on the day of travel. This will allow you to relax at the airport instead of trying to find a plug to charge laptops, tablets or e-readers.  

Avoid Jet Lag

It is important to figure out what your body needs to avoid jet lag. Since everyone reacts to changing time zones differently we have included a few ways to beat the exhaustion from time changes.

  • Take later flights so you can sleep overnight.
  • Stay well hydrated. This means avoiding soda and alcohol to ensure you arrive refreshed and not dehydrated.
  • When you land, push through the day and go to bed at the normal time for your destination.

Keep Track of Boarding Passes

A challenge for Road Warriors can be keeping track of their own paper trail, starting with boarding passes and itineraries. Passbook (IOS) and PassWallet (Android) is a great hub to compile boarding passes, tickets and other important paperless items. In addition to apps on smartphones, Tangerine Travel offers an app that keeps track of itineraries and tickets as well as alerting users to travel updates and weather changes.

Tangerine Travel consultants are experts on travel. For more tips or to tell us a “travel must” that you cannot live without, email us at teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com.

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